Welcome to all new members of this group! We look forward to meeting all of you! To your success! Cheers!

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  • Hello Janie,
    Good morning to you and the entire group members. Hope the weather is getting friendlier as you head towards spring.
    I would follow the link you provided without delay inorder to get access to your ebooks...thank you for this amazing gift.
    I have read Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich a number of time. I believe this book rekindled something in me that I wouldn't have rest until I have watched it manifest. I amazed you're suggesting it to me now.

    I wouldn't have landed in Canada by the 28th, however I will keep you informed as i make my arrangements.
    Thank you once again Janie
    May you enjoy your day.

    5 months ago
    • My pleasure!! Sounds like a plan ;)

      We have the intention of having these meetings every month (different topics each time) so feel free to join us when you are in town!

      Best of luck to you with your big move! See you soon!

      5 months ago
      • Many thanks Janie

        5 months ago