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We are RIP HUNTERS NEW ORLEANS, We use scientific methods to investigate claims of ghosts and haunted locations. Our first thought is not that a site is haunted but rather "could the activity be explained by natural means". Anything not explained falls into the category of "possible" evidence. If you or someone you know is experiencing any phenomena or if you have access to any such place please get in touch with us. The R.I.P. Hunters New Orleans Team takes this research seriously and does not dismiss any claim out of hand. Our investigators are very experienced in this field, and we also have Mediators & Mediums that lend there talents to our investigations. We treat every investigation with total confidentiality and respect to the client and there is no fees for our services. We do not charge for our services but we do accept donations if offered and if we find that your location has paranormal activity, we can handle the removal of that activity if so desired. Please feel free to contact us to set a time to discuss your case @ promaxed@yahoo.com . Rip Hunters has teams in Orlando, Kansas City, Savannah and New Orleans which means you now can investigate some of the most haunted locations in the country. For ghost hunting equipment go to our members store for discounted pricing at ghostandparanormalhuntingstore.com and to see the Rip Hunters Team go to www.riphunters.com . We also have a meetup group that members go on scheduled meetups to historical and haunted locations that have been documented in the past. Anyone that is curious or has witnessed paranormal activity in the past is welcome to join our group and learn from the best. We look forward to meeting you @ the next meetup, you can join the meetup group on this web page. See you at the next Meetup & GOOD HUNTING

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