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REST API Meetup is about ensuring that the API's are sustainable from a design and construction point of view - and that they can evolve at the necessary speed in order for them to create the best possible value for your business.

This includes resource determination, designing APIs and having an idea of how to use HATEOAS, how to version services, as well as ensuring that the APIs are capable of changing at the necessary speed, whilst keeping the API consumers working and more...

Please join this group if you want to get a better understanding of REST and API's and learn how to create API's that creates the most value for your business over the longest period - in other words make your services the most relevant and the easiest to use - these is the goals members of this group is aiming for - help making that possible.

There are many different approaches to the above, lets us together discover: approaches, semantic services, "API First" (designer vs. code), specifications, tooling, experience gained etc.

This meetup is located in the Copenhagen area in meetup.com as it has to be geographically positioned in one spot. Meetings are however possible in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Aalborg. Each meetup and its physical location is determined by the number of participants, where they are located and want to meet.

Hosting possibilities and dates for each meetup event and thus will be announced for a particular location e.g.

REST API Meetup November (Copenhagen) or
REST API Meetup December (Aarhus) or
REST API Meetup January (Aalborg)

And meet other people with a glowing interest for REST APIs and share your experience and hopefully evolve your knowledge together with other members. The frequency of meetups will depend on demand and interest. Please join and suggest a meetup and where you would like it to take place.
Let the members know if you are generally interested in meetups in
Copenhagen, Aarhus or/and Aalborg and what would your favorite topics be for coming meetups.

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Location Aalborg - Important parts of your REST API
Location Aalborg - Ways of versioning REST APIs

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