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This group is open to anyone interested in improving their sales skills to increase their sales results. All skill levels are welcome. A place where senior and junior salespeople can share new and cool ways to generate and deliver sales faster and easier.

If you think about sales as a sport, you might have better luck succeeding at it. In sports, there is always a winner and a loser. Sales is very similar; you sold them on "yes," in which case you won, or they sold you on "no" in which case you lost. Just like succeeding at sports, sales requires sales training, sales coaching and learning new sales strategies to improve your sales skills to stay on top of your game.

Learn buyer-centric sales strategies to improve your sales skills and sales results.

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As a Senior VP Sales Professional, I've learned that potential customers are not going to wait for you in this fast-paced world. Device technology, the internet, and social media platforms are only going to increase in popularity, and become faster and easier for people to make buying decisions, that said the internet has also made it easier for salespeople to sell.

Learn about Ron Cassan the organizer (https://rgcsales.com/about).

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