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The Contagion of Tastynation: Presentations for self-directed investors, traders and money managers

Passive, high-fee investing is out. Self-directed money management is in. You may already be a devoted Tastytrader, or you may be completely clueless as to what this means. If you’ve ever wondered where to start when it comes to managing your own money, it doesn’t get any better than this.

I’m going to open your eyes to the brilliant research generated and archived every day by the Tastytrade team. It’s all free. Every single bit of it.

Who should attend? Anybody who is curious about how financial markets work, no matter how young or how old or how rich or how poor.


I am not a registered broker or representative of any financial firm and have no affiliation with any of them or anyone who is. I am not selling anything and do not receive any benefit whatsoever by making these presentations.

I am a self-appointed, self-selected ambassador of the Tastytrade way. My selfless objective is to elevate public understanding of financial markets and to wrest people away from predatory asset gatherers (firms that charge exorbitant fees to manage your money). I want to promote the sound and growing body of statistical research sponsored by the Tastytrade network, and I want to build camaraderie amongst people who do what I do.

Tastytrade's outstanding, free and ever-growing body of work is out there to support and encourage individuals to take charge of their own financial futures. It is there for the taking and, again, I encourage you, no matter how young or old or rich or poor you are, to get engaged and learn how to make financial markets work for you.


Any individual who comes to this group to sell, promote or solicit in any way will be politely asked to leave.

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