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The Mission:

Dear Friends, this is Ramesh, founder of Money Mathz (A Financial Education Company started with inspiration of Guru, Robert Kiyosaki is on a mission of empowering the Humanity with Right Financial Education by Breaking the Myths and Taboos Around the Subject of Money to reach their financial goals of abundance) and a passionate Toastmaster and founder of the club, Toastmasters for Cashflow Entrepreneurs.

The Context:

Knowing the fact that the financially the world is following 90/10 rule which says that 90% of the wealth is controlled by 10% of the population, and vice versa (the figure is more or less is the same across the globe) and in India, 1% of the rich own about 84% of the wealth (oxfam,01/2021) I was curious what makes the difference and in that quest, I came across RichDad company. hence I am Inspired by Robert Kiyosaki's books starting "Rich Dad Poor Dad" to about 25 other books authored by Him and his colleagues and Board Games "CASH FLOW 101", which teaches us how to attain "FINANCIAL FREEDOM" means making "MONEY WORKING FOR US" instead "WE WORKING ALL THE LIFE FOR MONEY" like chasing a "RAT RACE". It's FINANCIAL EDUCATION" which explains all the different classes of "STOCKS, REAL ESTATE, BUSINESS, AND COMMODITIES" and to invest in a way that they generate "PASSIVE INCOME" which is the crucial income which makes the difference among 3 different classes of economy.(POOR, MIDDLE CLASS & RICH). Anyone who want to take care of FINANCIAL FUTURE and Help other fellow beings are welcome to Join the group and help in spreading the message of Financial Education. Guaranteed that attendees learn to manage their FINANCIAL STATEMENT than ever before. It also importantly enhances "ENTREPRENEURIAL SKILLS". LOOKING FORWARD TO MEET YOU UP ACROSS THE GLOBE THROUGH WORKSHOPS.


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