• Become a VR Camera Developer


    Hands-on development meetup with access to RICOH THETA V development cameras running the Android OS inside the camera. We'll provide a ready-to-run application template that you can compile, test, and modify. Leave your completed plug-in with us to get assistance submitting to the THETA Plug-in Store. Use one of our three laptops or use your own laptop. You are free to take your modified plug-in home by saving it to your local storage or upload it to GitHub. What You’ll Build Access the internal accelerometer and magnetic field (eCompass) sensor of the THETA. Use sensor data in a creative way to take a picture. Example ideas: animal photo trap, dog door security, commercial vehicle dash cam, party “fun” cam to take pictures of you and your friends when you jump in the air. Bonus Information Access to 25 source code examples for THETA Plug-ins.

  • Try a THETA V Yourself!


    Evening of demos, presentations, and technical workshop to truly explore the radical changes in the relationship among photographer, audience, and developer. The new RICOH THETA V provides completely new functionality, changing the type of content that is being produced. Try THETA V Yourself! Please register on theta360.guide to reserve your space and development camera by posting a reply. Please do not register using meetup.com to RSVP. If you prefer to register privately, please DM @jcasman. https://community.theta360.guide/t/ricoh-theta-v-plug-in-microconference-san-francisco-thurs-aug-30-evening/3335?u=jcasman) New 360° Experiences in real-time (Demos Shown) -- YouTube Live Event - 4K 360° real-time video direct from camera to YouTube using Wi-Fi or mobile -- VR real-time stream into HTC Vive VR goggles - Transport yourself into the world the camera sees! -- 360° image direct to VR headset - Immediately take and share pictures from camera to VR headset using Google Photos and Wi-Fi or mobile access -- Automatic Face Blur - Camera AI automatically edits photos as you’re taking pictures Build New 360° Experiences (Create your own 360° app for the camera) -- 5 open source examples of community code with explanations -- Hands-on workshop where you build an app to take seven 360° photos in rapid sequence -- Onsite access to advanced RICOH THETA V 360° cameras unlocked with developer mode enabled -- Access to free and open source tools and code that you can use at home. Build a fully functional apk and take it home with you. Who Should Join? (You!) -- Developers - who want to build stunning 360° user experiences and understand workflows for creators and media consumers -- Creators - who want to easily create new experiences for viewers -- Consumers - who want to access to new and interesting perspectives and stories Required Equipment for Developers -- Laptop with Android Studio installed for plug-in development -- Windows laptop preferred, but Linux or Mac will work for most sections -- Android mobile phone for stitching images -- If you don’t have an Android phone, you can stitch the images with desktop software on Windows or Mac Required Equipment for Creators and Consumers -- Brilliant ideas -- Smiles -- Spirit of innovation Invitation from the Community! Do you want to show off your THETA V application? Come share it with everyone at the micro conference. Contact [masked] for information on demoing! Prizes for Participating! THETA pens and stickers! How to Register Must register here to reserve your space and development camera by posting a reply. Please do not register using meetup.com to RSVP. If you prefer to register privately, please DM @jcasman. https://community.theta360.guide/t/ricoh-theta-v-plug-in-microconference-san-francisco-thurs-aug-30-evening/3335?u=jcasman

  • THETA V Plug-in Development and HTC Vive Live Streaming Demo

    Join us for an evening of programming the newest RICOH THETA, the V. Develop apps (plug-ins) that can be installed directly in the camera, avoiding the need to have a paired smartphone. Turn the camera into a customized device when in Plug-in Mode, and jump back out to normal functionality with a touch of a button! You’ll work through an online tutorial at your own pace, with theta360.guide organizers helping along the way. Roll up your sleeves and get started! If you already have a V, you can get it unlocked at the workshop and get started immediately. Regular Vs do not work for development. If you do not have a V, we will provide some during the workshop for testing. What You’ll Learn Technology How to develop a plug-in Hands-on experience with code Development tools Workflow best practices Business Money-making opportunities available when you develop a plug-in for the RICOH THETA platform Marketing and promotional opportunities for your plug-in with the world’s most widely used 360 camera Advantages of developing a plug-in versus mobile app Plug-in Development Requirements If you want to do development Bring your own laptop Come with SDK downloaded Come with Android Studio installed Come with THETA official mobile app installed on your smartphone Bring your Theta V - we will unlock but we need your serial number one day AHEAD OF TIME Review tutorial ahead of time What if I’m not a developer? Activities for Non-Developers If you are not developing a plug-in, there are no requirements except having an interest in RICOH THETA, AR/VR, and 360 video telepresence. We’ll have a 360 video telepresence demo showing live streaming into an HTC Vive headset that non-developers can use! We’ll also have a few THETA Vs available that we can use to show you cool usage tips. (If you’re a developer, full code to develop a Unity-based video telepresence application yourself is available.) VR Headset Activity Overview THETA V will stream 4K 360 video into a HTC Vive Headset Move your head in any direction and the scene in the headset will change Single channel audio works VR controllers work Adjust the height and orientation for different perspectives RSVP Seating is limited, please send an email to [masked] to confirm participation. Please send your affiliation and your idea(s) or questions for plug-in development.

  • Ed Tech Connect - Teaching a New Generation - Education and VR

    Students live and breath new technology often unknown to educators. At the same time, teachers have more exciting and useful technology for teaching available than ever before. Are you considering VR in the classroom? What tools would be effective? You MUST use this Eventbrite link to RSVP (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ed-tech-connect-tickets-35116765190) With this meetup, we're taking a close look at at the intersections of Education, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and other innovative technology and seeing what tools may work best for educators. It is also a space to voice your opinions to the tech community. The meetup will address the following questions: • Where does innovative tech such as VR and 360 content fit into the classroom? • What are current shortcomings of VR and 360 content for the classroom? • What are current problems that could be solved with these technologies? Azine Davoudzadeh (https://www.linkedin.com/in/azine-davoudzadeh-88a07a32/), Video Production Educator/Filmmaker, San Ramon Valley Unified School District, will run participants through a mock lesson plan picking 1 of 4 four subjects: Math, Science, History, English Language Arts (ELA). What teaching styles work best with students? Why use certain tools in certain subjects but not others? The outcome will offer insight for educators and administrators into real world practical uses and limitations of innovative technologies. Joe Lang, game developer and innovative technology envangelist, is co-organizer of Ed Tech Connect, and has worked in Stanford Clinical Anatomy, integrating augmented and virtual reality into medical education. -- Once participants have selected their subject for their mock lesson plan, they will divided into 4 groups. Each group will be given tools to work with and create solutions to common problems faced in classrooms. Why would some people use some tools in certain subjects and not others? Come join to find out which tech tools work best and where Education and Innovative Tech is headed! Kieran Farr (https://www.linkedin.com/in/kfarr/), Senior Director, Business Development, Brightcove, will be showing how 3D/WebVR can be an excellent entry point for learning programming and how it could be used in your classroom or school. Kieran will highlight real projects built with WebVR and the Javascript library A-Frame. He will provide resources and techniques that can be implemented into your curriculum in the coming school year. He will offer a break out session for those interested in learning more about this. Bio: Kieran Farr is an experienced technology company leader and full-stack developer with demonstrated success in product design, engineering, sales, finance and operations. Over his career he has helped found companies and non-profits that have raised over $30 million in capital and advised many early stage founders and students through mentorship in 500 Startups, Matter VC and the European Innovation Academy. Kieran now works for Brightcove, the world's leading premium video provider for business. In his spare time he works on educational web-based virtual reality projects for children and educators using Mozilla's A-Frame VR framework. Free food and beverages, plus lots of great discussions!

  • New Technology Demos from RICOH THETA


    RICOH THETA has just announced some exciting new functionality (http://lists.theta360.guide/t/theta-to-support-4k-video-spatial-audio-and-open-camera-os/1150?u=jcasman) for the next product version. They're demoing this functionality at the NAB Show in Las Vegas this week. As soon as he gets off the plane from the show, the RICOH THETA product manager will be giving us an overview and taking your questions. And, we've got a really cool "before and after" sequence of using the RICOH THETA professionally to build time-lapse videos with the API and without. Pizza and soda will be served for all attendees! Venue sponsorship by Agenda 6:00 pm: Check-in, grab pizza and refreshments, and say hi to other RICOH THETA users and developers 6:30 pm: First talk: RICOH THETA Demos from NAB, Takeharu ("TK") Tone, RICOH THETA product manager 7:15 pm: Break 7:30 pm: Second talk: The Before and After of RICOH THETA API, Phil Spitler, Creative Technologist, Bonfire Labs 8:15 pm: Finish, stay open for conversations and networking Speakers RICOH THETA Demos from NAB Takeharu ("TK") Tone, RICOH THETA product manager At the time of the meetup, TK will just be coming back from the NAB Show with some very cool, very new demos to show off. The NAB Show is an annual trade show produced by the National Association of Broadcasters, focusing on content development. 360 content produced by devices like the RICOH THETA is a hot topic. TK will be showing us demos that were in the RICOH THETA booth the week before - and answering questions! The Before and After of RICOH THETA API Phil Spitler - Creative Technologist - Bonfire Labs - http://www.bonfirelabs.com Phil is a creative problem solver at San Francisco based Bonfire Labs. Back in 2014 Bonfire created the original launch film for the Theta working closely with Ricoh. Due to the lack of video options and no open API for the original camera, Phil came up with the idea to build a robot to control the camera and the “Robot Tap 3000" was born. Phil will be showing the original launch film as well having the robot running during the event. He will also be showing Bonfire’s latest film shot with the Theta, this time he was able to use the open API to control the camera. --- The RICOH THETA Unofficial Guide (http://theta360.guide/) (free resource site with forum, blog, YouTube, GitHub and more) hosts a bi-monthly meetup. Come by, meet fellow RICOH THETA developers and power users, and add to your VR/AR knowledge!

  • Making Money with VR

    Tresidder Memorial Union, 2nd Floor (Cypress North Room)

    The RICOH THETA Unofficial Guide (free resource site with forum, blog, YouTube, GitHub and more) hosts a meetup basically every other month. It generally focuses on developer topics (the camera has an open API) surrounding the RICOH THETA camera. But we’ve gotten many questions about careers in VR. So this month we’re holding the meetup on Stanford campus, to give out a little information about the VR industry today and where students can start digging in. Is money being made with VR now? What’s happening in the industry? How do I get started? This meetup will give you insight into InstaVR, a company that is currently making money and seeing explosive business growth in the VR space. The second talk will highlight cutting edge live streaming technologies from companies like Streambox, mimoLive, Everywoah and more. (Want to demo some of these technologies and write for the Unofficial Guide? We're looking for writers!) Pizza and soda will be served for all attendees! VR Business Today - Show Me the Money! Andrew Woodberry, InstaVR InstaVR is a venture-funded startup used by over 10,000 companies around the world. After receiving a $2 million Series A round led by The Venture Reality Fund late last year, they’ve expanded their business and community activities to take advantage of the explosive growth in the VR market. InstaVR allows individuals like real estate agents or companies like AECOM (construction) to build virtual tours, and quickly push VR content out to multiple platforms, including GearVR and more. Does Andrew have the greatest job on Earth? He’ll tell you how to succeed in with a VR business and provide career advice direct from the VR world! Making Money with 360 Live Streaming Jesse Casman, RICOH THETA Unofficial Guide site Where can you start learning to create revenue-generating 360 live streaming video applications, services and products for VR today? Companies like Streambox, mimoLive and Everywoah are making money on Streaming 360 video. Get an overview of the free and open RICOH THETA Unofficial Guide community, try some of the projects and tutorials, ask questions and learn yourself! There’s nothing stopping you! As a taste of some of the types of projects, Jesse will introduce several cutting edge live 360 degree streaming applications and show you the ins and outs. He’ll also give you a preview of the 360 video technology behind the upcoming Thanics Robotics HALO drone with immersive VR live streaming.

  • 360 Development On Cutting Edge Platforms

    Brightcove SF

    Interested in using 360° content on mobile or in a VR headset? There are unique challenges for each platform. In this meetup, first we’ll give you a taste of working with 360 degree video in iOS. The co-founder and CTO of Pie (pie.video - look them up on Product Hunt) will give a developer-focused presentation on why his team opted to focus on mobile 360° video and how he builds 360° video filters. And, we’ll do a power user-focused look into new RICOH THETA upgrades around live streaming, WebVR, and viewing content in SonyVR goggles (using the new SonyVR media player). We’ll be showing off how to livestream the THETA in 1080p, highlighting how to easily build VR content using A-Frame, an open source WebVR framework that allows you to create VR experiences with HTML, and how to view 360° images and video in the SonyVR headset. The meetup will start at 6:30pm with beer and pizza and more. We'll be at Brightcove, in SOMA San Francisco, on 9th between Mission and Howard, easy access to BART and Muni stops. Update: Sony PlayStation VR demo using new integration with THETA (http://lists.theta360.guide/t/new-sony-playstation-vr-integration-with-ricoh-theta/691?u=codetricity). Pull video and images directly from the THETA with no intermediary step. Agenda: 6:30 pm: Check-in, grab pizza and refreshments, and say hi to other RICOH THETA users and developers 7:00 pm: First talk: Making 360° Video Creation Easy - Close Up On Filters - Guillaume Sabran (pie.video) 7:45 pm: Break 8:00 pm: Update on new RICOH THETA Features from the Unofficial Guide: 1080p Live Streaming, A-Frame WebVR development, and VR Goggles - Jesse Casman (RICOH THETA Unofficial Guide) 8:45 pm: Break for conversations and networking 9:30 pm: That’s all, folks! Speakers: 1. Guillaume Sabran - ‎co-founder & CTO at Pie (pie.video (https://www.pie.video/)) Making 360° Video Creation Easy - Close Up On Filters Guillaume Sabran, co-founder and CTO of the recently funded (https://medium.com/pie360/pie-raises-seed-round-and-launches-ios-app-to-make-capturing-and-sharing-360-videos-with-a-63a902f4e166#.kv5x6vddp) Pie, is deep in 360° development. He’ll talk about the series of decisions that got him and his team to focus on iOS first, why they decided to bet on simplicity over pro features, and how promising he sees 360 on mobile. In particular, Guillaume will talk about the how he designed and built filters for 360° videos and share insights you could use for your own applications. Pie was founded on the belief that the difficulty of creating 360 video has been delaying mass adoption of the new medium. They set the goal of capturing, editing, and sharing a 360 video at least 10x faster than existing options. Guillaume’s been working with the THETA for over a year and you can read his Introduction to 360 Cameras (https://medium.com/the-mettaverse/an-introduction-to-360-cameras-b7a45d5c7305#.k4x3b6872) if you’re new to the THETA or thinking about getting one. 2. Jesse Casman - RICOH THETA Unofficial Guide Organizer (theta360.guide (http://theta360.guide/)) New RICOH THETA Features from the Unofficial Guide: 1080p Live Streaming, A-Frame WebVR development, and SonyVR Goggles Jesse Casman, RICOH THETA Unofficial Guide Organizer, will focus on freely available new RICOH THETA features just being announced at the end of November and early December. We’ll jump through three new items quickly: 1080p Live Streaming (up from not-ready-for-prime-time 720p), a quick demo of A-Frame, an open-source WebVR framework for creating VR experiences with HTML, and finally we’ll play a little with RICOH THETA content in SonyVR goggles. Yea, it’s too much in too short of a time, but we’ll have information online so anything that catches your fancy, you’ll be able to keep working on it afterwards! Jesse has been working on the RICOH THETA Unofficial Guide since late 2015. The community now spans the official SDK, forums, blog, GitHub repos, hackathons, meetups and more, with over 30,000 pageviews a month and growing fast. Information is free and community participation from developers, power users and enthusiasts is encouraged. As a quick taste of building VR goggle content with RICOH THETA, here's some recent info from the RICOH THETA Unofficial Guide (http://theta360.guide/), published in opensource.com. Follow the article to build your own VR app in 15 minutes with your own THETA images: https://opensource.com/life/16/11/build-virtual-reality-app

  • 360° Integration in Products, Photosphere Navigation, and 360° Video on Drones!

    Wow, we’ve got a great lineup of presenters to kick off the fall schedule of RICOH THETA meetups! Come join your fellow power users and 360 developers and find out more about integrating 360 video/VR/AR into products. Then spend some time thinking how you can navigate and connect photosphere content. And finally, who doesn’t want to stick a THETA on a drone? We’ll do it this coming Tues, Sept 27th. Come ask your questions and share your own experiences in a friendly, relaxed environment. Whether you’re new to RICOH THETA, working on a project, or just want to meet people with similar interests, all are welcome. Agenda: 6:30 pm: Check-in, start in on pizza and sodas, meet other RICOH THETA users and developers 7:00 pm: First talk: How to Integrate 360 Video/VR/AR Into Your Product, Kieran Farr, Brightcove 7:45 pm: Break 8:00 pm: Second talk: Better 360 Image Navigation Online, Christian Claus, Holobuilder 8:30 pm: Break 8:45 pm: Third talk and demo: RICOH THETA and Drones, Eddie Codel, eddie.com Speakers: 1. Kieran Farr (https://www.linkedin.com/in/kfarr) - Senior Director, Business Development, Brightcove ( [masked] ) How to Integrate 360 Video/VR/AR Into Your Product Kieran has a long background in video platform development running companies like Vidlet and Vidcaster, and now overseeing ecosystem and partner program development at Brightcove. Let his pain be your gain! He will dive into how to plan and build the infrastructure, tying in a database, integrating with a CDN and either transcoding all of your video projects content into individual resolutions (ouch!) or using a solution to have a server do it for you (ahhh!). Make your product handle 360 easily! 2. Christian Claus (https://www.linkedin.com/in/clauscfh/en) - Product Manager, Holobuilder ([masked]) Better 360 Image Navigation Online Christian will walk us through some of the challenges and issues that arise when building a 360 platform that lets users navigate through photospheres. How do you keep from going around in circles? Or worse, getting bored? Christian will touch on good storytelling and the implication for business applications based on his experience at Holobuilder, where he focuses on 360 construction content. 3. Eddie Codel (http://eddie.com/), founder, Eddie.com/Flying Robot International Film Festival RICOH THETA and Drones! Eddie will give us a “bird’s eye view” of video production using drones, including cutting-edge issues around mounting, stabilization, and avoiding curious birds. Eddie will also tell us about the Aerial Imaging Education Day he’s hosting in October and the Flying Robot International Film Festival and why THETA users in particular should participate. Food and drinks will be provided by RICOH THETA. See you all there!

  • Live 360° Video Conferencing and Upcoming Features

    Location visible to members

    Come meet the RICOH THETA product manager and hear about upcoming features in the RICOH THETA. Come join a talk and demo of live 360° video conferencing from an enthusiastic RICOH THETA evangelist. Get together with other users and developers and find out how they’re using RICOH THETA! Whether you’re new to RICOH THETA, working on a project, or just want to meet people with similar interests, all are welcome. Agenda: 6:30 pm: Check-in, grab pizza and sodas, and say hi to other RICOH THETA users and developers 7:00 pm: First talk and demo: 360° Video Conferencing with RICOH THETA, Jesse Casman, RICOH THETA evangelist 7:45 pm: Break 8:00 pm: Second talk: Upcoming RICOH THETA Features, TK Tone, RICOH THETA product manager 8:30 pm: Announcements and wrap up Speakers: 1. Jesse Casman - Oppkey, RICOH THETA evangelist ([masked]) 360° Video Conferencing with RICOH THETA Jesse will talk about how to connect two computers broadcasting 360 video taken by RICOH THETAs, do a step-by-step walk-through of the setup, and show a live demo. He’ll also touch on the RICOH THETA developers contest and how you can easily join and find fame and wealth and eternal happiness. Or something close. 2. Takeharu (“TK”) Tone - RICOH, RICOH THETA Product Manager ([masked]) Upcoming RICOH THETA Features TK will take us through some exciting new features, just being released in June and July, including info on a new image search API, using MQTT Broker for remote picture taking, and lots more. Come find out what’s next for the RICOH THETA and tell TK directly how much you want to see 4K video! Food and drinks will be provided by RICOH THETA. See you all there!

  • THETA 360 Degree Camera API Overview and Development

    Agenda: • 11:00am – check in, sign up for cameras, and mark what you'd like for lunch (we'll cover you for some items from the Blue Bottle cafe there) • 11:30am – introductions, “Suggested Learning Path” for programming the RICOH THETA, online resources • 12:00pm – break into teams, have lunch, start working with the cameras • 3:00pm – reconvene, discuss projects, go over contest • 4:00pm – part ways feeling good about working toward a better tomorrow Ricoh recently announced a developers IoT contest for its THETA S 360-degree camera. The contest has $45,000 worth of prizes, and we’re organizing a way for you to work with the RICOH THETA S even if you don’t currently own one. http://theta360.guide/contest/ This is a chance to work directly with new Japanese technology. 360 degree images and videos are now supported in YouTube, Facebook, and more. This technology has uses in robotics, drones, real estate, security, and tons more. https://theta360.com/en/gallery/ Participants in the developers contest will have access to Ricoh’s Cloud API beta version and 3D model data of the THETA camera series, but we won't have access to the API for you at this event. You'll need to sign up for the contest separately in order to have access. https://developers.google.com/open-spherical-camera/ The contest submissions will be judged on the following points: • Innovation/creativity • Extensibility (can this be used in the future?) • Ease of use and practical value • IoT applications that integrate the THETA with the internet (sensors, web data, etc.) • Gadgets and applications linked with the THETA https://theta360.com/en/about/theta/s.html