Kino Citadele

    THE CONFERENCE: RigaDevDays is a tech conference and the annual meeting point for developers 👓in Baltic States. We talk about technologies straight to the point ☝and with those who develop it. In 2019 RigaDevDays is celebrating 5th anniversary and will bring together rockstar speakers 🚀 from around the world and 700 developers for 3 days of workshops, talks and networking. This is an event you don't want to miss! 🎉 AGENDA - Two full conference days with 4 parallel tracks with Java, DevOps, Cloud, SQL Databases, .NET topics. - Pre-conference workshop day with full-day trainings from top-experts. COMMUNITY For 2019 we set a goal to build a community and ginger up communication between participants, organizers and speakers. So join our Telegram-channel http://b.link/meetup_rdd_tg to meet organizers, get news update, vote for speakers and shape the program of the conference. 1. The full agenda is on the website and in PDF. PDF is very convenient to print and show to your manager in order to ask for an educational budget :) 2. Program of activities and fun Have a look at activities planned for the breaks, evenings and after the conference! RigaDevDays will be a true Tech Holidays! Inform all your friends and join RigaDevDays! This is an event you don't want to miss! TICKETS => https://tickets.rigadevdays.lv/#/ www.rigadevdays.lv Join conversation, use hash #RigaDevDays

  • Workshop "Low Code Application Development with Oracle APEX"

    Pullman Riga Old Town Hotel

    [masked], 09:30-17:30 Workshop, English Low Code Application Development frameworks can be used for a large domain of applications. And Oracle APEX is one of the most popular low code frameworks available today. In this workshop, you will learn: What Low Code is The benefits of a Low Code framework What APEX is When would you use APEX (and when wouldn’t you) The fundamental architecture of APEX (with demonstrations) And, using an extensive hands on lab, you will: Design and develop a data model using embedded rapid data modeling tools in APEX Create an application Extend an application Customize the user interface of your application Debug an APEX app Deploy an APEX app Monitor the performance of your APEX app If you know even a little bit about databases and SQL, you will find this workshop invaluable. Everyone will leave with knowledge and firsthand experience about Oracle APEX and how to continue, after the workshop.

  • User Group driven seminar on The Edition-Based Redefinition (EBR)

    Radisson Blu Rīdzene Hotel


    User Group driven seminar on The Edition-Based Redefinition (EBR) Details It is our pleasure to welcome Bryn Llewellyn to Riga! Bryn will deliver a one-day Edition-Based Redefinition (EBR) 12c/18c training on June 1st, 2018. The event will take place in Radisson Blu Rīdzene Hotel. LVOUG will charge a small cost to facilitate the event(venue, coffee, lunch): Early bird prices (until April 30): For LVOUG members - 20 EUR Non-members - 50 EUR (* people who are not registered in mailing list, frequent meetup visitors) Late bird prices (after April 30) For LVOUG members - 29 EUR Non-members - 89 EUR Seminar Package and Pricing: Registration includes breaks, lunch, and eight hours of priceless training. Payment can be done by Invoice, credit card or bank transfer, Paypal, Revolut, N26, Paysera. Participants will have the opportunity to get their specific Pl/SQL questions answered Seminar Agenda 08:15–9:00 registration, Sandwich & Coffee 09:00-10:30 session 1 10:30-11:00 break 11:00-12:30 session 2 12:30-13:30 lunch 13:30-15:00 session 3 15:00-15:30 break 15:30-17:00/17:30 session 4 /final Q&A Attendees: DBAs, Architects, IT management, Oracle & System Integrators, JAVA and PL/SQL developers Further details and contact information in LVOUG board Andrejs Vorobjovs [masked] , Telephone: [masked] Maris Elsiņš Email: [masked]

  • RIGA DEV DAYS 2018

    Kino Citadele

    The coolest tech conference in Baltic States. All about Java, .NET, DevOps, Cloud, Software architecture and emerging technologies. We will have plenty of in-depth presentation on subjects such as architecture and design, ORACLE RDBMS, analytics, security, operations, scalability, performance, cloud, big data and other challenging business needs! The latest version of a schedule is available here: https://rigadevdays.lv/schedule Official mobile Applications 📱, which are available in two shops just find RIGADEVDAYS in Badge collection process: On arrival, head to the registration area to collect your badge and delegate bag; if you're arriving in the morning, please be aware it may be busy, so do allow some extra time. Please bring ID or printed ticket. Please remember to wear your badge at all times, you will need to show it to collect your lunch and gain entry to the event socials. The cloakroom is located in the registration area where belongings can be left. Staff will supervise belongings. Workshop Registration opening time: Wednesday 29th, May 08:00-11:00 in Tallink Hotel and Mercure Conference Registration opening time: Wednesday 30th and Thursday 31th, May 08:00-11:00 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🎓 29-May, Tuesday, Workshops in Tallink hotel 🏢 (Elizabetes street 24) and Mercure hotel 🏢 (Elizabetes street 101) Workshops will take two places: there will be 7 parallel workshops. 5 workshops in TALLINK Hotel and 2 parallel workshops in MERCURE Hotel (2 min distance). People are free to change rooms. We are expecting around 150 workshop participants overall. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🎓 30-May, Wednesday, Conference Day 1 in Kino Citadele (13. janvāra street 8) 🎥 🕗 Starting at 8:00, will be badge collection and morning coffee Opening 9:15, with organizers team Keynote Split into 5 rooms till 18:30 We are expecting around 600 participants overall. 💫 EXHIBITION HOURS in Cinema 30th, 31th May 10:00-18:00 The exhibition hall, featuring our sponsors, is split into zones. Do take time to visit the stands and learn about the latest products on the market. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🎓 🕢 30-May, Wednesday AFTERPARTY starting at 19:00 in Spikeri Concert Hall 🎭 (Maskavas iela 4 k-1) Riga Dev Days is not just about the fantastic agenda - that’s just in the daytime. We are bringing you evening social event so you can continue conversations with fellow delegates, exhibitors. Make your time out of the office as valuable as possible. Unwind after the day of conference with drinks in the Bar. This is a great opportunity to catch up with friends, colleagues and new contacts. 🎶 🎵 🔞 🎰 🎷 🎺 🍷 🍻 🍺 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🎓 31-May, Thursday, Conference Day 2 schedule, in Kino Citadele (13. janvāra street 8) 🎥 🕗 Starting at 8:00, will be badge collection and morning coffee Opening 9:15 , with organizers team Keynote Split into 5 rooms End of the day two 18:30 and let’s go to Cinema at 19:00 “ Solo: A Star Wars Story” 🚀 🏁 We hope you will enjoy your stay in Latvia! 🎈 🎇 We are doing our best to make your trip to Riga Dev Days worth to remember. 🎉 If any further questions, do not hesitate to ask! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Best regards, Riga Dev Days ORG team [masked] FIND RDD ON FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN, TWITTER AND MEETUP www.rigadevdays.lv https://www.facebook.com/rigadevdays https://www.linkedin.com/groups/6734834 https://twitter.com/RigaDevDays http://www.meetup.com/RIGA-DEV-DAYS Join conversation, use hash #RigaDevDays

  • RIGA DEV DAYS 2017

    Kino Citadele

    What to expect • In 2016 the conference was visited by 500+ attendees and 50 speakers from all over the world and this year we aim to provide highest quality content from the industry experts! • Carefully organized agenda to include over 50 of only the most relevant topics and technologies. Expect the delivery to be hands-on and immediately useful. Multiple parallel tracks dedicated: o Java/JVM Development o Functional and reactive programming o Android development o Oracle technologies o JavaScript o DevOps & Microservices o Big Data & Anlytics Some well-known speakers (http://links.sb.rigadevday.lv/wf/click?upn=a-2Brni0M77RnMgc2UyT-2FyUy8Ul7AcGhMJtTtt2-2BkcXqhtTIMhR6HlKvpltUdDLai4_0rJ4wnhBDaW-2BclYF2Q6J3fL8pDhceEdb5nH3DR8Jj0HDsfmIBaHHkWgl5AAI5qOEA7lz1it4V-2FL6m7bufaMBpyjruLVGzNtq76UtP2Kb4XiolJiTAcDmOsx-2FdTQFtpYzC-2Fn7W30OG1S-2B1UI-2B5Uzzccbbn2-2BY2XwXivbkDvsiC1a50W3gtv3iP3EgaibxCcumyNfnm6lPTpl2MSsqcaLB8fgPrXT0g1zd1AQBW9Sk8L0-3D): o Chris Saxon - 12 Things Developers Will Love About Oracle Database 12c Release 2 o Heinz Kabutz - mastermind behind "The Java Specialists" Newsletter o Alex Nuijten - Structuring an APEX application o Ivar Grimstad - Java Champion, JUG Leader and software architect o Michael Hüttermann - author of “DevOps for Developers” and “Agile ALM” o Kamil Stawiarski- Oracle Hacking Session o Viktor Farcic - member of the Docker Captains group and author of "The DevOps 2.0" o Jan Karremans - Okay, and now my database server crashed… • Workshop day where attendees will have an opportunity to learn hands-on skills straight from the experts. We offer a limited amount of special priced Blind Bird tickets. Hurry up as offer is only valid until January 4! We will be adding more information on speakers, workshops and other latest news on the conference website (http://links.sb.rigadevday.lv/wf/click?upn=VIUThf-2B84j9pVRsWx9nzpkl2PLy0udxFcJ9kSH2RYk0-3D_0rJ4wnhBDaW-2BclYF2Q6J3fL8pDhceEdb5nH3DR8Jj0HDsfmIBaHHkWgl5AAI5qOEA7lz1it4V-2FL6m7bufaMBpwKXD9t7TQhzp7miChgKqsgZSQn49kuWfKo0esd1aRi8nC-2BdXK-2BXNfkLGV0c6UWMha-2BhwFBxFZRORyz7819BwJZJp0nzhUGHnNddgFdMl1ReXAjnh4onB3FcJf-2FdJ6PM1eGmYe5Z0drYlqdY3Owr-2B8Y-3D), Facebook (http://links.sb.rigadevday.lv/wf/click?upn=VIUThf-2B84j9pVRsWx9nzppH8KealLZjxlP9Bmd9SK-2FgyHiAClXHAwMTuqZFaSJ4x_0rJ4wnhBDaW-2BclYF2Q6J3fL8pDhceEdb5nH3DR8Jj0HDsfmIBaHHkWgl5AAI5qOEA7lz1it4V-2FL6m7bufaMBp-2BXu3ouoqrYH51h3xLk2WIAa-2B9LWTSMmS8U-2Bj2JER6ueDxWil4FSoTzLa0Kz5R19fVbB7PBgBi-2FS4-2FR4slHSK-2FLvYQMXbwOzTi3-2BHmjUhN5K7lSdG0ooznWmbRwYPGrme15oWbj3b61gwOolB6ex7CM-3D), Twitter (http://links.sb.rigadevday.lv/wf/click?upn=VIUThf-2B84j9pVRsWx9nzpmbyK48LIqlJUrS4fy0WuDriyf0un2GCNLk6YB3srBGW_0rJ4wnhBDaW-2BclYF2Q6J3fL8pDhceEdb5nH3DR8Jj0HDsfmIBaHHkWgl5AAI5qOEA7lz1it4V-2FL6m7bufaMBp7S-2BMwoJN6lGMyW5jjrEpP6-2Fn7OrV-2B-2BYoqH6D2Qt4rJtMv0UI9GnlU2aUONkpjAkXEEufE3Y4JRxW5lCGhwjZ2VYo0TuAPnowXLg6kT8N-2FEP0z-2FC3sZMeOBrr3fynTNby0lxicLohw-2BcMTwUZwL0Eyk-3D). Don’t miss anything interesting! check it out how was it in 2016 https://youtu.be/RxIdnUSi_Kw

  • Riga Dev Day 2016

    Kino Citadele

    I would like to invite you to Riga Dev Day 2016 - annual conference for Developers. Last year it was a huge success, with over 400 attendees and 25 international speakers. We've got a big media coverage from two of the most popular TV channels and a number of blogs/communities. This year it will be in Kino Citadele Cinema in the center of the Riga . Registration is available on www.rigadevday.lv

  • Lets meeetup in Multikino


    We offer you the ultimate possibility to share your personal experience with other Developers within the Baltic states. Riga Dev day will be held at one of the largest cinema complex in Northern Europe. Registration is on http://www.rigadevday.lv