What we're about

If it's Monday night, then it must be Game Night! We're a group whose sole purpose is to have fun, no matter what is on the agenda (so long as it has a game theme to it). This is combined in board games (classic and party), trivia, mysteries, comedy, pizza, and a whole mess of other things.

Some of the basics for everyone:

• Game Nights happen most Monday nights, keep an eye on the schedule and your email for new events.
• RSVPs are important, we ask that you update if things change.
• Waiting list is akin to saying you're going (since if someone drops out, you may be next to get in), please change if you can no longer go.
• 2 No Shows and you get removed from the group.
• Meetup dues are $5.95 a year for all this awesomeness. If paid in cash in person, it's only $5.
• There's a 90 day trial, but that's to give you time to investigate, dues are to be paid by the 2nd meetup you attend.

Upcoming events (2)

Game Night: What's Your Like?

Nidal's Place

From boardgamegeek.com: What's Yours Like?™ is the new party game from Patch Products where players share side-splitting laughs while coming up with clever, witty and outrageous clues. Descriptions should be truthful, yet clever, so the player in the hot seat doesn't get an easy guess. In this game, all players except the one in the hot seat look at a guess word and then creatively describe what theirs is like. They might be telling about their swimsuit, neighbor, closet, hair or any of the other 300-plus words in the game. The player in the hot seat then tries to link all the clues together to figure out what is being described. The best part about this game is that the hilarious clues come from people who play the game. The player who guesses his or her word with the fewest number of clues wins. What do you think players are describing with these clues? Mine keeps getting bigger. I compare mine with others. My wife likes mine. I never see mine. I receive mine once a month. You wouldn't believe what I do for mine. Mine disappears too fast. What's Yours Like? is for 4 or more players ages 10 to adult.

Game Night: Wordsters

Nidal's Place

From boardgamegeek.com: Write 10 words using a Wordster, a special 3-letter combination. If the Wordster is ITE, you can write bITE, kITE, ITEm, lIsTEn or whIsTlE! Keep the letters together or spread them out. As long as the letters are in order these words count. Now declare your words and compare words with your opponents. You get a point for every word you have that no other opponent does. But if a word is repeated then the first player to claim it gets 2 points and the others get nothing.

Past events (4)

Game Night: Balderdash

Nidal's Place

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