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Kicking out bad tenants AGAIN?!

If you're a landlord in Philadelphia, you KNOW how gut wrenching it can be to evict a bad tenant.

MONTHS on end, just to get YOUR house back!! If you've been through it, just thinking about having to go through with an eviction if making your head hurt and your ears steam...

Now, the savviest street smart landlords in the city all have a secret weapon to make this pain disappear, shortening eviction times, and getting more money in their pockets FASTER......

That secret is something that saves them thousands of dollars when the time comes. And believe me, if the time to evict a tenant has not come yet, IT WILL! Its part of being a landlord

That back room secret is competent and connected legal representation.

Imagine every time you have a major legal conflict popping up (you know, the ones that usually run people out of the business), you had the best is in business on your side, shielding you from unnecessary damages, and getting rent back in your hand faster?

This Wednesday, July 12th 2017, the back room, street smart, insider's secret attorney connection is going to be in house, at the RING Meeting, letting all of his secrets go.

Thats right, if you've ever been curious "how do the pros do this?" This is the meeting you NEED to be at

Cory Baritz of The Baritz Law Firm is going to be here, giving an overview of landlord tenant law in Philadelphia.

I'm super pumped to watch every detail he gives up here, because I know that every landlord, and every GOOD wholesaler is going to need a friend like Cory Baritz at some point.

Some sooner rather than later.

Here's who this meetup is perfect for:Landlords with at least 1 property. If you own property in or near Philly, this is a must see presentation.Flippers. Sometimes we go for a flip and end up with a rental. It happens. Don't get caught in the dark without a flashlight.Note Buyers/ Private Lenders. What if you get stuck with someone's house? What do you do? What if theres a squatter? All the answers will be revealedWholesalers. What kind of advice do you give a seller with a squatter or a bad tenant? Might help to get educatedHere's who this meetup is NOT for:Tire kickers. If you just want some free advice, and you're never going to make a move on a deal- this isnt for you.

Venue Details:July 12, 6:45 pm Manayunk Brewery 4120 Main stPhiladelphia

There will be lite appetizers, and a cash bar

Suggested Charitable Donation of 10$

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