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About Us and Public Speaking

We started in 2012 and across the years, we have given to the community in numerous ways. We are a group dedicated to helping people overcome their fears and to make them more confident people in society who are unafraid of voicing their views.

People often fear public speaking more than they fear death and end up not doing anything about it. What most people don’t realise is that once you address this (greatest) fear, they become confident in doing many other things in life. Some examples include:

Being able to speak to new people in social situations Being able to speak up in meetings Not letting other people walk over you Greatly boosting your career (by having more confidence and being more of a people person) Public speaking helping you to speak your mind And most importantly, learning how to not care about what others think of you. This is one of the greatest feelings in the world.

Our public speaking groups have been running for over a year. Along the way, our group has helped a number of people. Some real examples include:

Someone who was not able to read out loud at university who then went on to running his public speaking groupAnother person, who had been scared of speaking in public now runs his public speaking workshops in London while making a career out of itA health worker who was terrified of going to work because of the pressure of having to speak in meetings. She confesses she now has a hard time staying quiet!

And then there are many people who had problems meeting new people due to low self-esteem or confidence who then became completely opposite in their character! We know this when - after a couple of months - the shy, timid person who had been sitting in the corner of the room in their first session, became popular and very talkative.

Being confident also makes you happier. For example, when you feel more powerful and more confident, you feel like you have more energy and more happiness.

Since we started, we have had people from all background and ages in our workshops. We have had medical professionals, lawyers, authors, students, retail workers, people who are looking for work and retired people. You name it, we have had them. What almost all of them had in common when they first started was that they were terrified of public speaking. People mention that they experience various symptoms such as:

• Shaky legs

• Losing their voice

• Feeling tearful or crying

• Feeling as if they are going to faintPanic attacks – sweating, feeling light headed

• Feeling an impending doom

These are just a few.

Our group is NOT about theory. We won’t be teaching you about the “psychology of public speaking” or use hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming etc to make you better public speakers because, to be honest, there is no better way of learning how to overcome your fears than by actually doing it. However, the whole point of our group is not to throw you in at the deep end but to help you walk through the process slowly.

Why you will feel at ease with us

• You will never be picked to take part in any activity (we understand how difficult it can be to stand in front a group and we respect that)

• You are always in control. We have a “Pause” feature, where you can just say “pause” in the middle of any activity and go and sit down. You can then continue with it if you feel comfortable later in the session.

• Although we have set certain activities (milestones, speeches, presentation) for you to do along the course, you can opt in or out of any of them.

• You will be given the opportunity to declare any special requirements before you join the group. We will accommodate all requests to help you fully enjoy the course.

• You will be given a mentor, who will be someone who has gone through all the stages just like you. They will guide you when you need help.

• All the information you share with us is confidential and will not be passed on to the trainer or any other member of the group unless you ask us to. If we feel it is important that we share anything with the trainer, we will get your permission first.

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