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we will be having breakfast at 9 am at the diner then gathering in the parking lot at 10:30 to go exactly 11:00 this way if anyone is late our journey still goes as planned ! plan to arrive between 9-11!!!!!


I will be leading a beginner caving trip to Clarksville cave located just southwest of Albany, NY. I've done this cave many times before and it is a great beginner's cave.

The cave offers a good variety of larger beginner passages as well as some optional more advanced challenges and tight passageways for the thrill seekers in the group. The full tour of the cave could take 4-5 hours

this trip does not have a charge however I am requesting a $15 deposit that will be returned to you after arrival..... of course it can go as a donation to go to our loaner gear fund but its to reserve your spot .

I have loaner helmets and pads.. you must have two headlamps!!!!! absolutely no exceptions.. !!! you must have headlamps

Mandatory Gear:

• Three (3) sources of light, 2 headlamps a flashlight, REPLACEMENT BATTERIES

• Gloves (cheap gardening gloves with the rubber coated palms work well)
• Knee pads (from a sporting goods or hardware store is OK Home Depot has some that will work and are not expensive)

• NO COTTON CLOTHING! Wear something Synthetic you don't mind getting ruined that will keep you warm even when wet. You can expect to get wet at least up to your knees and possibly up to your neck if you choose to do the sump passage! Expect this cave to be about 48-55 degrees F
• DO NOT WEAR COTTON!!!! Choose synthetic fabrics or wool.

Footwear Boots
Ankle support with good grip are important, so you need to wear boots. Do Not wear expensive hiking boots because they will get muddy, scratched, and wet. Choose an old pair you don’t mind getting muddy. If you don't have a pair of old boots, look for something cheap at Payless or Wal-Mart

• A Clean Change of clothes for when you get out!
• YOU WILL NEED A COMPLETE CHANGE OF CLOTHING FOR WHEN YOU GET OUT OF THE CAVE, AND I DO MEAN COMPLETE!! UNDERWEAR, SOCKS SHOES AND EVERYTHING ELSE. Also bring a plastic garbage bag for your wet muddy gear after the trip and be sure to launder any cave gear before re-entering another cave to prevent any possible cross-contamination.

Recommended Gear:

• Wetsuit It is cold and wet in the cave so if you have a wetsuit please bring it. if not wear plenty of SYNTHETIC Layers "NO COTTON!!"
• Coveralls with synthetic undergarments worn underneath works best for protection, warmth and maneuverability

• Elbow pads you will be at times crawling on your knees and elbows and elbow pads are a big help, Home Depot has inexpensive ones that will work well for caving.

• A small pack for basic supplies like water, snacks, extra batteries, first aid, etc. A fanny pack also seems to work for some. The important thing is that your hands should be free when moving in a cave.

•Camera You will want to take photos to show all your normal friends. You can bring a camera, but make sure it's in a protective carrying case if the camera isn't waterproof and shockproof.
• Duct Tape Trust me we use it on every trip
we will be underground about 7 hours.. you will get wet.. wear a wet suit if you have a tendency to get cold...bring a complete change of clothing including socks and shoes.
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