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What we’re about

Founded in 2005, Romanian SQL Server Group (ROSQL) brings together Database Administrators, Developers, Business Intelligence Professionals, and students interested in or working with Microsoft SQL Server and related technologies. We meet to discuss and socialize, to find out what's new, to share knowledge (and of course to share pizza).
Our Code of Conduct
Be kind.

  • Listen intently and accommodate others' communication styles.
  • Consider how you can help someone.

Be patient

  • Remember that everyone communicates differently.
  • Recognize non-native speakers. Translation can lose meaning and tone.

Be considerate

  • Consider your words' impact. Communicate effectively.
  • Avoid negative comments.

Respect and include

  • Respect opposing views.
  • Understand and bridge, not criticize.
  • Make a conscious effort to include people who differ from you.

Be open and curious

  • Assume others' statements and questions are sincere.
  • Ask to understand, not criticize.
  • Keep learning. Improve your knowledge, try new things, and ask others about their expertise.