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Sad News! I'm unable to re-negotiate a 'fair price' for the current location and must temporarily cancel ALL in-person events for Cashflow Club in Rochester. I am already searching for a better location, so stay connected and in touch!!!

To keep communication flowing, I'm open to meeting over coffee... let's begin sharing ideas and goals. Message me so we can set it up!

The long-term vision for our group is alive and clearly in focus!!!

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ROC City Cashflow Club is dedicated to YOU... and anyone wanting to learn more about creating several streams of income. Robert Kiyosaki wrote, "To gain the distinct advantage of what the rich teach their kids about money!" (Book: 'Rich Dad Poor Dad')

Kiyosaki also says that, if you play Cashflow once-per-month for a year; not only will your thinking and vocabulary change, but your HABITS can change too... toward that of an Investor!

🙂 It's a Fun Way to Meet People and Network for Your Business! 🙂

- Don't let the fact that it's a board game fool you, as the lessons are real and apply to life.
- If you have interest in business, real estate, stocks, plan-B or passive income, etc... then you will love playing Cashflow 101.
- It's a FUN way to learn about investing in a risk-free environment.
- All experience levels are welcome ! ! !

Note: We Also Have the More Advanced 202-Version of Cashflow!

-  -  -  -  -

- Our games have Two 45 to 60-minute 'halves' with a short break.
- The doors open at 6:30... and game(s) begin promptly at 7:00pm.
- Please arrive by 6:50 for a quick Sign-In.
- Bring a Drink/Snack (No Alcohol).

- We're Looking Forward to Connecting with You Real SOON . . . .

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