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SPONSORED BY GAME NITE, FANTASY SHOP, AND MINIATURE MARKET! The Most Active RPG Group in the World*: 1,600+ Members and 4,900+ Events in just over Four Years! THE RPG GUILD WELCOMES ALL - beginners and those who've played tabletop roleplaying games for decades! Meet new people or keep in touch with old friends! Run a campaign under your favorite system, or propose a game you’ve never played! As a guild, we strive to perfect the art of roleplaying, with opportunities to try new, retro and independent games: Shadowrun, Champions, Edge of the Empire, Pathfinder, AD&D, Warhammer 40k, GURPS, 5th edition D&D, Faith, World of Darkness, and dozens you may have yet to hear of. More game variety, more active members, and MORE FREE EVENTS than any other RPG Group anywhere! We hope you can join us!

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AD&D 2E Persistent World Open to New Players

House Springs

Long running game has a few spots open. Great gaming room at my house in House Springs, Mo.

Adventurer's League @ The Dark Side

The Dark Side Comics & Games

We've got one table of Adventurer's League on Thursday nights, but we're always looking for more DMs/players to add more tables. This is a shop sponsored event. Players in addition to those signing up on the RPG Guild will likely attend. For more information, or to confirm this date's event is still scheduled to occur, please feel free to contact Dark Side at (636)[masked]

Monster Hunting - Soulshards RPG @ Game Nite

Game Nite New Location

Slay beasts and claim glory. You will need to work with your allies and think ahead to survive. Seeking new players. Please note, we have many participants from outside of this post, so please join us even if you do not see a full group here. We sit behind the sound barrier near the back of the store. We are running Soulshards RPG, a high magic d12 system built using rules that are easy to learn and allow complete customization of your character. Features encourage teamwork and strategy. View the full system at SoulshardsRPG.com. We provide pre-built characters and dice or you can build and bring your own.

Open to new players: Runequest, Materia Living World setting,

Location visible to members

Currently we are putting together a charity to raise money for cancer research, awareness and education. While we are working on this event we are building the player base for this game. If you are interested in attending the game, let me know and we will talk about including you once we start running the game again. We are looking for role-players who enjoy rich, in-depth stories. We play every Friday evening (except the first one each month) and are located in Hazelwood, MO. We use the Runequest system to explore the magical Materia Living World setting. If you are looking for mystery, adventure and the best role-playing experience look no further. Please contact the event organizer if your are interested in attending the game. For more information contact the event organizer.

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