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SPONSORED BY GAME NITE AND MINIATURE MARKET! The Most Active RPG Group in the World*: 1,800 Members and 6,000+ Events in just over six years! THE RPG GUILD WELCOMES ALL - beginners and those who've played tabletop roleplaying games for decades! Meet new people or keep in touch with old friends! Run a campaign under your favorite system, or propose a game you’ve never played! As a guild, we strive to perfect the art of roleplaying, with opportunities to try new, retro and independent games: Shadowrun, Champions, Edge of the Empire, Pathfinder, AD&D, Warhammer 40k, GURPS, 5th edition D&D, Faith, World of Darkness, and dozens you may have yet to hear of. More game variety, more active members, and MORE FREE EVENTS than any other RPG Group anywhere! We hope you can join us!

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Open to new players: Runequest, Materia Living World setting,

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Currently we are putting together a charity to raise money for cancer research, awareness and education. While we are working on this event we are building the player base for this game. If you are interested in attending the game, let me know and we will talk about including you once we start running the game again.

We are looking for role-players who enjoy rich, in-depth stories. We play every Friday evening (except the first one each month) and are located in Hazelwood, MO. We use the Runequest system to explore the magical Materia Living World setting. If you are looking for mystery, adventure and the best role-playing experience look no further. Please contact the event organizer if your are interested in attending the game.

For more information contact the event organizer.

**** RPers United Online**** [LFP] 2-3

Game Nite New Location

**** RPers United Online****
Diverse group for Gms and Players a like that enjoy the roleplay more than combat. We explore indie RPGs, conventional titles as well as unconventional. Weekly Saturday gaming sessions from noon until 5.

Dead Man’s Trail
Dead Man’s Trail is a campaign setting for the D&D 5th Edition rule system, set in the Fantasy Old West! A tale of desperate gamblers and corrupt lawmen, of criminal subtlety and supernatural mystery. You are a Marshal—one band of hunters dedicated to saving the Wilds—and stopping the horrors that stalk the night. To aid in this struggle, Marshal's are given powers and use their own abilities to aid them.
Rules for setting :

A: Guns use spell slots

B: Magic use a focus or item, meaning must be in you hand.

C: the party knows about each other, NO lone wolves!

D: 1-2 paragraph back story explaining about your character

Please RSVP and Message James for other info if interested
Discord https://discord.gg/aPsrduzN


POSTPONED UNTIL NEXT SATURDAY [masked]) Please RSVP on that listing if you can make it: https://www.meetup.com/RPG-GUILD/events/zqfhksyccjbjc/

BEGINNERS WELCOME! This is a "One Shot" (single session game) held IN PERSON!

These "one-shots" are OPEN TO ALL: however they are intended to encourage beginners and those relatively new to tabletop Role-Playing Games to try something new. Since space is limited, I'm asking those with years of experience to please wait until late in the week to RSVP.

Also, there is absolutely no obligation to play every week. So if you're new to gaming, please give it a try!

We'll use pre-generated characters, and some rules-light system. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY: we will go over rules before playing.

The game system and setting will vary week-to-week.

This will be repeated regularly, depending on interest and availability.


Also, the former "Message Boards" on Meetup have been essentially hidden, and have fallen into disuse - but they still exist. Some of the topics concerned game systems suitable for "one-shots": please feel free to look over these posts and make suggestions for future game sessions.

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Starfinder AP: The Threefold Conspiracy!

Game Nite New Location

Summary: every 2nd Sunday, Starfinder official AP, mystery/action/conspiracy thriller, 10am-1:30pm, begins April 12.

Beginning with Book 1, "The Chimera Mystery", this adventure gives players an opportunity for wild role-play and exciting sci-fi/fantasy combat. In this newest official Adventure Path for the Starfinder setting by Paizo, our intrepid heroes find themselves investigating a wild whodunnit on a star cruise. The secrets they uncover could shake the very foundations of the Pact Worlds civilization!

This adventure begins at level 1; characters will reach Level 12 during the 6th and final volume. Meetings will be at Game Nite on Watson Road, from 10am every other Sunday; sessions will likely end around 1:30 pm or so. Players should familiarize themselves with the rules and be prepared with a standard dice set: d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, d%. Minimum required texts: Starfinder Core Rulebook. Recommended texts: Character Operations Manual, Armory, Pact Worlds.

Note: this adventure does come with a couple of small restrictions on character choice. Please message the DM before committing to this AP. Discord link: https://discord.gg/22FmaGA

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