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*Group is currently at capacity*

Not all players will be able to sit at the Saturday table, but we also regularly game on Friday nights and do pick up games sometimes on Sundays. We will do our best to accommodate everyone. This group has been around for a long time and remained intact because we follow rules of player capacity and play style.

We do the initial introductions like this because gaming usually takes place in Rusty's private residence These initial spots will likely be the library, local game store, or coffee shop.

This brings me to basic group information. We are a very laid back group of adults with very busy real life schedules. We don't care for drama, and we are absolutely not kid friendly. Rules lawyers and power gamer's will find it difficult to click with us as that kind of behavior is not how we game. Our games usually focus heavily on story and character building. The group is democratic, and the home owners and gms do not wield any sort of absolute or veto power. We are a very friendly, off the cuff group of players that will usually find the humor in anything. The games we most actively play are World of Darkness 2nd edition (Werewolf, Mage, Vampire the Masquerade).

Any questions please feel free to contact Rusty.

Don't feel left out of the insider jokes. If you stick around long enough you'll be part of them too.

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