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The goal of RPG Chicago is to:

- Aid roleplayers in the Chicagoland area to get into groups that meet their interests

- Establish and/or communicate roleplaying events and other items of interest occuring throughout the Chicagoland area, regardless of system

- Effectively communicate to publishers and local businesses that support the hobby, and gather their support for our initiatives.

Please do not post advertisements here without contacting the organizer first.

(group logo is "Critical" by Paul Bielaczyc, used by permission of the artist. www.aradani.com)

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Alien RPG: Chariot of the Gods

4836 W Belle Plaine Ave

Welcome to ALIEN the RPG, the new and incredibly popular role playing setting by Free League! We will be playing the one-shot cinematic adventure "Chariot of the Gods." No experience necessary! Just show up and choose a pre-generated character. I've run this scenario before on roll20 and believe we can get through it in one session (Food and drink provided). If (when) your character dies, you will take on the role of another NPC. Consider this a prelude to a longer Campaign I hope to run soon.

(Just please note that since there are so few spots, please do not RSVP and cancel within 48 hours of the event. Otherwise it makes it difficult to organize small group events like this)

"The job was routine, the money fair. Then the damn company diverted you to answer a distress call from a ship that disappeared almost 80 years ago — a derelict carrying something bizarre, twisted, and alien. What the ship's frozen crew brought back with them was bad enough — what they themselves were turning into was a bloody nightmare. Add to that an annoying sensor ghost shadowing you in the void, and your stress level is shot.

It's all a bit much.

You're all going to die."

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