• Strategy and learnings from a Software-Defined-Everything journey

    Cisco Systems RTP 5 – Creekside

    ** Note that this event will be on a Wednesday, not the usual Tuesday** == About the Event == Most Infrastructure teams (think cloud, compute, storage, networking, etc.) within Enterprises have been slow to adopt Agile, CI/CD, and a Software-Defined-Everything (SDx) mindset because the programmability of the infrastructure solutions was insufficient. Over the past 2-3 years Cisco’s Global Infrastructure Services team (GIS) has been on a SDx journey to orchestrate all infrastructure services in software. Chuck Churchill, IT Director, will drive an interactive discussion as he share’s GIS’ strategy and learnings around SDx.” == About the Facilitator == Chuck Churchill is the Director IT - Global Infrastructure Services Central Operations and Software Defined Everything (SDx) at Cisco. He is responsible for critical incident management and the framework for GIS’ use of software-defined network and infrastructure capabilities (SDx) which runs Cisco’s rapidly evolving digitized business model. Chuck has been in the IT industry for over 30 years with extensive experience across software development, business process redesign, and Infrastructure Planning.

  • Agile Coaches Breakfast, Fri, July 12

    Cafe Carolina and Bakery

    Hello Everyone! Happy July and happy 4th o' July week! It is time once again for the Agile Coaches Breakfast except this time, it will be the 2nd Friday in July and not the 1st Friday. Officially we're inviting Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters and all Agilists to come and meet together for breakfast, to talk, and to share your experiences and ideas. Our goal is to help teams, organizations and ourselves to think, grow, and change. This month, I'd thought we'd go into table coaching mode. Please bring an issue, a question(s), and/or team situation you'd like the group's help with. We'll talk about the top 2-4 topics, spend ~10 min on each with the outcome being you'll have 1-3 tangible and actionable steps you can take back at work with your team. As there is time and because we're half way through the year, I'd like to do a quick retro on how these breakfasts have been going and if there's a change or two we should make for the last part of the year. One quick work on RSVPs. I have limited the attendees to 32 as that is the size of the room. Please do not irritate your fellow breakfast goers by casually saying "Yes" and taking up a spot and then not showing up. Be kind. Thanks, The ALN Leadership Team, Art Pittman

  • Product Owner Focus Group June 2019

    Red Hat Annex

    Join us in this session as we discuss the responsibilities of a Product Owner and a Scrum Master. Who does what? How does what we learn in books and training match the real world?

  • Coaching Conversations via World Cafe

    Deutsche Bank

    Bring your ideas, challenges, and wicked problems to this event! We will explore these items in a "World Cafe" format. If you've participated in any Lean Coffee event (or attended one of the coaches' breakfasts), the gist is the same - bring items into a guided conversation and leverage the 'wisdom of the crowd' to remove your impediments. Benefits and outcomes for the evening: - Interact with peers and help solve real world challenges - Bring a wicked problem and get solid advice on how to move forward - Practice practicing; engage more than in the traditional lecture format - Learn how to facilitate a World Cafe conversation, add yet another tool to your tool box. Christopher Curley will be the event facilitator (and cruise director!). Read more about World Cafe here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_caf%C3%A9 http://www.theworldcafe.com/key-concepts-resources/world-cafe-method/

  • Agile Coaches Breakfast, Fri, June 7

    Cafe Carolina and Bakery

    Hello Everyone! Happy Friday! Ok, not Friday today but it is time once again for the Agile Coaches Breakfast. Calling all Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters and all Agilists! Come and meet together for breakfast, to talk, and to share your experiences and ideas. Our goal is to help teams, organizations and ourselves to think, grow, and change. This month, let's talk conflict. More specifically, I'm reading a book which is about conflict management (not conflict resolution) so I'd like to share what I've read to get the group's reactions. I figure with the collective's thoughts, ideas, and experiences, we might even be able to even come up with a "recipe" or a step by step guidebook for managing conflict both within small and large teams. And maybe if we work hard and get lucky, we could even come up with a few action steps we could use at home...not that conflict ever happens there , it's just... As always, we appreciate your thoughtful use of the word "Yes", especially when it involves your RSVP. Peace, The ALN Leadership Team, Art Pittman

  • Scrum Master Focus Group May 2019

    Dude Solutions

    This session will be a hands-on, practical exercise in Scrum team metrics. We'll work in small teams using sample data sets to apply data to chart Scrum metrics and interpret the charts for what they indicate and what actions the charted data might suggest. By the end of this session, participants newer to Scrum will exit with higher confidence they can measure and adapt, while experienced participants will exit with an improved confidence they can teach and coach Scrum masters in their organizations

  • A View of Product Ownership at Scale

    Cisco Systems RTP 5 – Creekside

    == Overview == In this discussion we will look at an approach which will help us understand our customer needs and set priorities, look at ways to test our ideas for validity through low fidelity experiments and aim to eliminate user interface issues. This will also be a discussion on how we can do this at scale in complex organizations, showing which activities are appropriate for the portfolio, program, and delivery teams. == About the Speaker == Paul Smith has been working in Agile transformations since 2011 in large heavily regulated organizations. He is seeking ways to help unlock business agility within these companies, with an opinionated view on how product ownership can be implemented to inform portfolio backlogs, techniques to refine the big ideas ultimately leading to well-refined team backlogs.

  • Agile Coaches Breakfast, Fri, May 3

    Cafe Carolina and Bakery

    Hello Everyone! It's the first Fri in May and time once again for the Agile Coaches Breakfast. Don't let the name fool you because we invite all Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters and all Agilists to come and meet together for breakfast, talk and the share our experiences and ideas. Our goal is to help teams, organizations and ourselves to think, grow and change. This month, I thought we'd do round-robin table coaching. Bring a challenge, issue, and/or question you're wrestling with and we'll use the power of the group to help you look at it in different ways. This is the same format in the past where 3-5 people bring topics, we vote as a group on which one goes first and then we cycle through until solved...or at least time runs out. The idea is that you'll have 2 or 3 tangible take aways that you can try back with your team. Thank you to all those who attended in April. We always appreciate your thoughtful RSVP of "Yes". Those who say "Yes" and then don't show up, I'd love to hear more about why so please message me here. Thanks, The ALN Leadership Team, Art Pittman

  • RTP ALN Open Space Conference

    Talley Student Union

    Register via Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/rtp-aln-open-space-conference-tickets-55111446821 ***************************************** An Open Space is a self-organizing and adaptive conference, where the participants define the agenda and facilitate the break out sessions. Facilitators open session with guidance on how to create the agenda, lead the sessions, and participate in the sessions. The conference that follows emerges from the participation of the attendees. The conference is exactly what we make it. Come join us on April 24th at the Tally Student Union on the North Carolina State University Campus from 6pm - 9pm for a collaborative evening of engagement, conversation, and learning. Light refreshments will be served. Parking is available at the nearby Coliseum Parking Deck (https://goo.gl/maps/hgcpJeP7U9x). Signups for this event are only being managed through Eventbrite. Please click the link below to register for this free event. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/rtp-aln-open-space-conference-tickets-55111446821 We look forward to seeing you at another great event!

  • Product Owner Focus Group April 2019

    Red Hat Annex

    We'll continue with our Lean Coffee approach that has served us so well in the past. We have a Trello board of topics to pull from and we'll solicit nominations from the floor that night as well. https://trello.com/b/koH38ooa/po-focus-group Come join fellow Product Owners and Agile enthusiasts as we share and learn from each other.