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Advaita is the Sanskrit word for non-duality, and Advaita Vedanta is the practice of non-duality. Non-duality is a radically different way of perceiving reality. The ordinary view is one of "duality," meaning that reality consists of separate parts. Non-duality is the view that this thing and the other thing may appear to be two things but are really aspects or expressions of a single, underlying unity. That unity is simply All-That-Is. The non-dual view is not immediately obvious to most of us and usually comes as something of a spontaneous discovery -- an intuitive break-through.

There have been many great teachers of non-duality, including Jesus, the Buddha, Lao Tzu, and many modern spiritual teachers as well, such as Eckhart Tolle, Nisargadatta, and Alan Watts. It is a foundation in many wisdom traditions, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism. Modern physics as well is beginning to discover the non-dual nature of reality.

So why should anyone be interested in non-duality? Unity consciousness generally leads to resolution of conflict, allowance, forgiveness, compassion, inclusion, generosity, appreciation, inner peace, contentment, ease of life, creative flow, joy, bliss, and even ecstasy. It is the basis of all morality and the well-spring of "right action." It is not about service, though it does not exclude service. It is not about personal empowerment, though it does not exclude personal empowerment. It is not an “anything goes” attitude but rather an acceptance of things as they are without judgment, attachment, or resistance. It's not about laws, rules, codes of conduct, or submitting to teachers, gurus or institutional control, but rather about discovering our inner authority. It is to transcend the misperceptions of our consensual reality and discover our multidimensional, infinite Self. It is to align with who we truly are—to be “awake,” “enlightened,” “liberated,” "transformed," or “realized.”

Meeting with others who are interested in non-duality helps us attune ourselves to our essential, non-dual nature and recall a felt experience of our innate, unity consciousness. Our agenda is established by consensus and includes a broad range of content, including personal experience, reports on readings, guest speakers, videos of non-duality teachers, art, etc.

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