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RVA Data Hackers is a community of data professionals and enthusiasts who meet regularly to develop skills and learn about tools and techniques for working with data. We discuss how to find, organize, understand and serve data sets large and small. We'll cover anything related to 'big data' -- machine learning, artificial intelligence and architectures to scale data processing for the Internet. If you're interested in machine learning algorithms, data analysis, natural language processing, or managing big data, this group is for you. Topics vary from basic concepts to demonstrations of real-world implementations and everything in between. Our mission is to foster a local community of experienced, practicing experts. We're here to have fun, share and learn about an exciting field of computer science.

We meet the 3rd Tuesday of each month at the 804RVA co-working space in Richmond, Virginia.

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Snowflake: OLAP at Cloud Scale w/ William Wash

3431 W Leigh St

If you've been querying big data for work or fun, chances are you've heard of Snowflake. Snowflake combines the ease of OLAP analytics with modern data architecture to achieve almost unlimited scalability. Why wrestle with MongoDB or Spark/Cassandra when you can use your investments in familiar OLAP and SQL constructs over enormous datasets? Snowflake's William Wash will walk us through how Snowflake uses innovative architecture to achieve its unique ability to scale, and he'll show how easy it is to get started querying large datasets using Snowflake. We’ll talk through key concepts that power Snowflake's ability to scale up and down, isolate workloads, load and use SQL to query JSON, AVRO, Parquet, and other semi-structured data directly in the database, and to travel through time to see how your data has evolved. Learn how the only data warehouse built for cloud computing can help you gain insights from of all your structured and semi-structured data using SQL at massive scale. About William For over 20 years, William has been in the trenches with data warehousing, systems integration, marketing technology, the internet of things, and streaming data/analytics. He provides guidance and best practices across a number of industry verticals and enterprise customers. About Data Hackers RVA Data Hackers meets monthly to hear, present and discuss topics in machine learning & big data. Come on down and help us build Richmond's Data Hacking community. This month Data Hackers will be hosted by Ippon at their new offices in Scott's Addition. Thanks, Ippon!

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Crafting Great Data Visualizations w/ Tiffany France

804RVA: Fan Gallery

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