What we're about

The RVA Software Development User Group was formed to help bring new or different patterns, technology stacks, tools and languages from our community of developers to students and other developers of all skill levels. While there will be occasions for advanced level presentations, the bulk of presentations will be delivered so that students, entry level developers or developers with no experience in the technology being presented, will benefit from the topics covered.

The focus of the group is software development in more of a polyglot manner, the group will have presentations on a variety of tools, languages and platforms including C#, Java, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, MS SQL Server, jQuery and JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS, Node.Js and Knockout. Our goal is to introduce as much of a variety as we reasonably can.

The speakers for this group are local and regional developers with a passion for technology as well as sharing knowledge with fellow developers.

In addition to monthly User Group meetings we will provide occasional weekend boot camps where we will build entire working prototypes of various solutions as to facilitate deeper dives into various technologies.

Past events (50)

Building a Weather Station with JavaScript

Online event

APIs - Working Back From The Customer

Online event

A Quick Tour of Go and Errors

Online event

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