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Covid19 and the inability to meet in person has changed our mission and our name.

RVA Holistic Spirituality has become a place for exploring holistic spirituality, connecting with Nature, and deepening the connection to self and community. If you're interested in living in relationship with Nature, Spirit, plants, animals, other people, getting to know yourself more intimately, and meeting like-minded people, this group is for you. Discover yourself. Explore the community. Learn. Grow. Right here! Join us now.

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Metaphysical Market at Ciderworks

Coyote Hole Ciderworks

(This location is near Lake Anna) Free entrance for the public. This is an outside event (rain or shine) in a large field. Plenty of spacing between vendors so it's perfect for social distancing. Besides Psychics & Mediums their will also be vendors selling Crystals / Jewelry / Smudge Supplies / Beauty Products / Gemstones / Soaps / Rocks / Stones / Herbs / Artwork / Bath & Body Products / Oils / Herbal Teas / Candles / Wands / Incense / Pendulums / Metaphysical Books / Tarot Cards / Handblown Glass items / etc Becky Bennett of Beyond with Becky: www.facebook.com/BeyondwithBecky Cheryl Ganzer of Angelic Wisdom: www.angelicwisdom111.com Christine Cook of Readings by Christine Courtney Walton of Courtz Crystals: www.facebook.com/courtney.walton.718 Danyelle Aguirre the Divine Soul Empress www.DivineSoulEmpress.com Deborah Mueller of Fairy Wings & Finer Things: www.fairywingsandfinerthings.com Debra Carter of Elevated Wisdom: www.elevatedwisdom.com Eileen Strange the Soul Shepherd: www.thesoulshepherd.com James Mastbrook(Rev) of Corona Center: www.facebook.com/james.mastbrook Linda Horn of Pawsitive Angels: www.pawsitiveangels.com Pete Coe of Peter Michael Practical Tarot: www.facebook.com/petermichaelpracticaltarot Roniece Valentine of Soul Ascensions www.soulascensionsllc.com Valerie Frankenberry - Psychic www.valeriefrankenberry.com Windy Travers of Finding Peace Within www.highervibrationsreiki.com Don't leave without trying the Hard Cider, if you never had it before this is the time to try, and if you are a hard cider fan you will discover a new friend.

Natural Bridge Sound Healing Circle

Natural Bridge

Save the date. Details are still being worked out. The tentative plan is to meet at a location Richmond at 9:00 a.m. to car pool to Natural Chimneys to take in the natural beauty. Then go to the KOA and set up camp. Then head to Natural Bridge State Park at 4:00 p.m. for a sound healing circle. The energy is absolutely wonderful there. The entry fee to Natural Bridge State park is $8. Families and children are welcome. We have one campsite at Natural Bridge KOA that will fit 6 people. If you want to overnight, contact Natasha. The fee will be $10 or less. Feel free to book other accommodations, if you can find it, on your own. For more information about Natural Bridge, click here: https://www.dcr.virginia.gov/state-parks/natural-bridge For info about Natural Chimneys: (it's an hour north of Natural Bridge), click here: https://www.co.augusta.va.us/government/parks-recreation/parks-facilities/natural-chimneys (there is a one and a half hour hike here). Obviously this will take some coordination. Please post your questions here and talk with Natasha. Also coordinate below for ride sharing. If it rains, the event will cancel. Hostess: Natasha

Dumb Supper, Bonfire, Full Blue Moon, and Meteors - oh my!

Private Farm


Bring photos, mementos, and offerings to the dead. We will place them on the altar to welcome them to dine with us. Why "dumb?" The dinner is silent. All Hallow's Eve is the day when the veil between worlds is the thinnest. It's the best time to reach out to the dead and speak with them and hear their whispers. Will you see an apparition? Smell her perfume? Hear his voice? Come and see. This is serious (but not somber) ritual so the following simple rules MUST BE adhered to: * Be on time. Dinner will start at 7:30 p.m. No late comers will be admitted once the blessing has begun. People are here to meet with the dead. It's disrespectful to the living, dead, and disruptive to the energy to come late. Since we welcome anyone after 2:00 p.m., this should be no problem. * No speaking during the event. To allow everyone the best opportunity to tune in, we will maintain silence. Be present with your thoughts and feelings. If someone becomes emotional, let them take care of themselves. Do you. Think of it as a meditation. * No cell phones or other distractions. Please turn off any electronics that may give energetic or sound interference or leave them out of the space for the duration of the ritual. * No photos or video. This is a ritual. Let your memory record the event. * This is a potluck. Bring traditional food of your ancestors, or just something that they liked to eat, to encourage their presence and share your roots. The bonfire will begin after dinner. Yes, you can come for the bonfire only. Plan to arrive at 8:30. Wait until you see people outside so that you know we are finished with the Dumb Supper and you don't disrupt the ritual. Or come earlier and find something to do outside while we eat with the ancestors. Costumes for the bonfire are optional. If you choose to dress up, please do not wear the costume during dinner. Masks are for disguising yourself so that the dead don't recognize you. ;) We will tell stories of the dead, sing, maybe dance and drum around the bonfire. You are welcome to stay the night. Bring a sleeping bag, cot, pillow, blanket, or whatever you need. If we're in Amelia, there are mattresses that we can use from the bunkhouse. We'll be indoors in a climate controlled environment. If it's Lake Anna, it's under a roof, but outdoors, so plan on the cold. You may want to arrange for a snuggle buddy. People sometimes ask what to expect during the Dumb Supper. It's different from time to time and person to person. You may notice nothing at all. You may have dreams later. You may get sensations or feelings. Silence definitely helps you to sink into the energy of the event and makes it more special. You may get messages for someone else. Bringing a memento for the altar helps. Most people report a sense of peace afterwards. Sometimes there is a sense of forgiveness, bittersweetness, or joy. It depends on who shows up and how you receive it. Sometimes you get a sense of knowing from a relative you didn't know you had. It may awaken a curiosity about your ancestral roots. We end by closing the veil and celebrating by full moon in Taurus by the fire. Be ready for storytelling, drumming, and singing (by you!) This is a passionate and creative Full Moon, ripe with possibilities and learning experiences. Intimate relationship matters, such as personal comfort levels and values and sexuality, and the urge to break free figure prominently now. If you stay up late, look up. You may see the Taurids meteor shower. We will either be near Lake Anna or at the Clearing in Amelia. I won't know until the last minute. * Covid masks are required indoors.

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Autumn Equinox Bonfire and Ritual

Private Drive


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