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FREE Community Drum Circle - Live Well
Community Drum Circle 6:30 – 8:00 P.M. FREE La Mesa Fire Station[masked] Dallas Street La Mesa, CA RhythmWorx and the “ready…set…Live Well” Community Wellness Initiative ( invite you to participate in our monthly Community Drum Circles. Make “music-in-the-moment” with your community! All ages welcome. For children under 8 years, please contact Susan prior to the circle. Thank you. No prior experience necessary. RhythmWorx provides a wide variety of drums and percussion instruments for use during the drum circles. All sessions are facilitated by an expert RhythmWorx Drum Circle Facilitator (certified in HealthRhythms©, FitRhythms™ and other programs). • Invites Family and Community Connection • Reduces Stress and Uplifts Mood • Inspires Creative Expression • Promotes Physical Activity • Boosts your Immune System • Embraces Community Diversity • Facilitates Whole Person Wellness Through collaborative efforts of organizational partners and resident leaders of La Mesa and Spring Valley, "Live Well" is dedicated to creating the healthiest and most livable communities. For more information, please click here ( Special thanks to the City of La Mesa for supporting our "Live Well" efforts. ;) For more information about RhythmWorx programs and events, including the monthly "Live Well" Community Drum Circles, please contact Susan at[masked]

La Mesa Fire Station 12

8844 Dallas St · La Mesa, CA

What we're about

This group is your resource for events that RhythmWorx hosts or participates in that are open to the public - Drum Circles, Festivals, Retreats and Other Experiences - where you can make music with others for recreation, celebration, well-being, healing, enlightenment, and more! No prior experience is necessary. Anyone can participate. RhythmWorx facilitates the sessions and provides instruments (drums and percussion instruments) for your use during the events.

So . . . What is a Recreational Drum Circle?

Recreational Drum Circles are not about performance.

Recreational Drum Circles are about relaxation, rejuvenation, recreation, personal well-being and celebrating community!

Recreational Drum Circles provide a space for creative expression and unity in diversity; a space where there are no social or cultural boundaries; a space where participants share of themselves consciously and unconsciously, rhythmically aligning with the group, creating in-the-moment music that is as unique to the group as it is to its individuals.

In Recreational Drum Circles, participants are not expected to drum with rhythmic precision or perform composed rhythmic patterns. Instead, participants of all musical skill levels (including those with no prior musical experience) are invited to express freely and share in the rhythmic collaboration, transcending intellect and, from the universal heart, co-create the group’s rhythmical songs. Everyone contributes their unique self to the circle and the music, creating a whole that is greater than its parts.

The benefits of group drumming are not only experienced ethereally and in our emotional hearts, but also physiologically. Neurologist Barry Bittman, M.D. and his research team discovered a significant increase in the disease fighting activity of Natural Killer cells (white blood cells that seek out and destroy virally-infected cells and cancer cells) when participants engaged in a specific group drumming process. Since their initial scientific research, additional group drumming studies have been conducted, each resulting in significant findings that demonstrate additional benefits of group drumming, including (but not limited to) elevated mood states and a reduction in stress and burnout.

Participating in Drum Circles requires no special training or skills, but the benefits are life transforming! Whole person healing and transformation are benefits that are innate side effects of participation. The more immediate and tangible benefit, however, comes from the great entertainment and recreation that Drum Circles provide – not to mention the resulting smiles!

We look forward to your participation - Soon!

In Rhythm and Well-being . . .
Everyone Thrives!


Susan Hall

RhythmWorx is dedicated to enhancing personal, community and corporate well-being through rhythm-based experiences.

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