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Welcome to Rockin’ and Dancing North County Active Social Group!

We are a group of fun, active people who love music, dancing and socializing. Although we are primarily based in North County, we will also have events in San Diego, Temecula Valley, and Orange County.

Although most of our most popular events involve music and dancing, we will also have hikes, walks, happy hours, and game nights; among other fun times together. If there is an event you think would be fun, you’re welcome to host, just contact me!

We believe it’s all about gathering the best people around you because their energy draws more great people. So, if you are new in town or just want to meet fun and positive people, this group is for you. Come join us sometime. Every day you step out of your routine is an adventure. Come with us you won't regret it.

Upcoming events (4+)

FREE Multi-groups Urban Trail Easy Hike- Marian Bear Park ~ 4 miles!

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Relatively easy exercise and still FREE multi-meetups group events HERE !

Easy mostly flat trail hike after initial short steep access down from the cul-de-sac at North end of Biltmore St. in North Clairemont.

Wonderful initial forest-type canopy over the wide dirt trail alongside a little creek with ponds, until coming out into the main broad hiking trail in the center of San Clemente Canyon/Marion Bear Park.

Many huge sycamores and oaks in this City open-space park with a wide main trail and small stream with some ponds that may have minnows and some orange crawdads if you are lucky/observant enough and go in the wetter season.

Some birds so if you bring binos you may be able to ID different species. We saw a big hawks soaring overhead last time, and previously a little skink on trail- SKINK not skunk.

Previously last year we saw lizards, rabbits, ducks, a rare iridescent golden bumble bee, a beehive, a huge great blue heron startled us on a previous hike there as it flew from a pond 15 feet away, and even a tiny snake last summer... Also we have had a closeup of a redhead woodpecker that popped out of its hollow and stared us down from the tree trunk close by the beehive.

Great place to exercise walk and commune with nature for a little while as we tune out any noise from H52 which runs along the North side of San Clemente Canyon. There is some poison oak growing under the trees and off the trail, but we don't venture off the trail or into any bushes so we don't touch it.

Meet us BY 1pm at the North end of Biltmore St, at the trailhead post on sidewalk there.

Early parking in the cul-de-sac, later comers please park up the hill by Capehart St. Please don't block anyone's driveway.

We have a bunch coming from hiking groups also. Quite a big friendly group usually assembles there for this casual fun local hike. Be on time!

Dress appropriate for the weather/temp ( any rain cancels ) and wear comfortable walking shoes. Bring a bottle of water and your camera, hat and sunscreen, binos if you like to see birds up close.

Park bathroom is about halfway along this hike. None at trailhead.

We sometimes get a nice big group for these easy urban park hikes, as you can see with this full bridge. Relatively easy exercise and still FREE multi-meetups group events HERE !

A Sunday morning hike at Calavera Preserve

3701 Sky Haven Ln

• What we'll do
This is a BRISK PACED intermediate, 5-6 mile, 2-3 hour hike with some hills at a scenic local preserve. It is not suitable for beginners.

• What to bring
Bring water and wear comfortable shoes with grip.

Beach Volleyball

Tower 8

**Please be sure and RSVP so we know there will be enough to play!! We are located on the beach near TOWER 8, OCEANSIDE!!

There is free parking along nearby neighborhood streets, meter parking, and parking for $2 in lots 21 and 22. Oceanside parking map can be found here: https://www.ci.oceanside.ca.us/gov/finance/parking/parkmap.asp

This is a volleyball meetup for adults (18+) with varying levels of players. Please do not expect to have 3 hits (bump, set, spike) on the majority of volleys although that is a good goal. However, please be able to pass the ball accurately and maintain a volley on a consistent basis. This is not for people just learning to play volleyball. People are encouraged to keep the volley going as long as possible because that is what makes it enjoyable. Guidelines: Please be aware of a few things.
*Call the ball .. it's a safety thing!
*Play your area unless someone asks for help.
*A serve cannot be blocked.
*If the ball hits the line, it's good.
*If the ball hits the top of the net, it's good even on a serve.

Covid 19 precautions: Please do not come if you are not feeling well, have any cold/flu-like symptoms (fever, runny nose, cough, feeling run down, etc), or have been around someone suspected of having Covid-19. Please use hand sanitizer prior to playing, and avoid touching your face. Play at your own risk. Please respect everyone’s personal space.

Please remember, per meetup.com policy section 6 - "You acknowledge that some Meetup events carry inherent dangers, such as the risk of illness, bodily injury, disability, or death. By participating in these events, you understand and agree that you have freely chosen to assume these risks." https://help.meetup.com/hc/en-us/articles/360027447252?flash_digest=a0ae01a42265ee12d1bfb1746b00a7a12c9faf4b

If you have any trouble finding us please text (preferred) or call[masked]

Oceanside Harbor sunset walk, a brisk 3.7 miles

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This walk is cross-posted with Hiking Addicts.
Please join us for a 3.7-mile workout in about 75 minutes. Less-fast walkers can go partway and then turn around with the group. No pressure to do the whole route. We'll start at Joe's, and walk the south side to catch the sunset, visit the clapping circle and the jetty, and return to Joe's. Then we'll walk the north end around the Marina Suites and back to Joe's.

Park on either side of Joe's or in the spaces to the north, but watch signage and pavement markings! Don't park in a spot reserved for slip owners! If you can't find parking near Joe's, go back out to Harbor Drive (north, not south) and turn right at Del Taco. Follow Carmelo St around to the big overflow lot, and walk through the tunnel to find us at Joe's. You can no longer drive through the tunnel from the harbor side.

Your well-behaved, dog- and people-friendly canine friend is welcome, but must be on leash and under your control. This is for the safety of both people and dogs. Please leave Fido at home if you do not wish to respect this simple rule.

We will start walking promptly at 6:05. Depending on pace, we will finish at about 7:20.

This walk repeats every Monday, all year long.

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