What we're about

Hi everyone!

I started this group because the mainstream dialogue regarding racism is finally starting to somewhat align with the realities of racism. This narrative shift combined with the present and future explosion of technology and social media has (in my opinion) created the first environment where a holistic solution to racism can be achieved. However, it is of paramount importance that most Americans are able to clearly and objectively identify the issue of racism for any actual solution to be successful. I am creating this group in an effort to advance my own and my community members' understanding of racism and its solutions.

ALL are welcome! You should join this group if you have questions about the current dialogue on racism, if you have an experience related to racism that you would like to share, if you are interested in discussing possible solutions to racism, or if you are interested in discussing a topic that many find taboo. While black Americans have spent a significant amount of time discussing racism with each other, the same is rarely true for other racial groups. This group is an opportunity to learn from each other about how to best combat racism in America.

At our events, we will open with the reading of a quote, poem, or article chosen by me. These writings can be from group members, civil rights icons, or others who have engaged in the study of racism. From there, we will discuss the reading/performance and have a conversation moderated by me. We will always end the session by talking about potential solutions and their feasibility, allowing our ideas for a remedy to be collected after each meeting. I hope to see you there!

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