What we're about

Monthly workshops on technology, social justice, and community art at Bluestockings (http://bluestockings.com/). Part hands-on and part book club. No tech skills necessary to join!

Our first events this year include:

1. Building a mesh network at Bluestockings bookstore. Creating your own independent server and VPN. (Brian Hall from NYC Mesh, March 23, 2019)

2. NYC Timeline of Tenant Organizing: Amazon HQ2, and what community-led tech looks like (Right to Counsel, April 27, 2019)

3. Understanding NYPD surveillance technologies (Jerome Greco, esq. from Legal Aid Society, May 25, 2019)

4. P2P networking and its prospects for activists

5. Aquaponic systems for urban farming

6. Algoraving -- live coding beats & video projection art, a kinetic tutorial

7. Computing and Climate Change(TBA)

8. Algorithmic fairness, open data policies: bail sentencing, child welfare system, and the NYC Automated Decision System -- what the ADS Task Force was built to do, and why it matters!(TBA)

Upcoming events (1)

The distributed web and peer-to-peer tech

Bluestockings Bookstore, Cafe & Activist Center

The dweb, or decentralized/distributed web is meant to be an internet where the many control how they connect with each other rather than a few. It would be one where people don’t have to worry about surveillance, censorship, or being treated as property, and would better support us organizing towards a collectively prosperous future. What kind of projects are building toward this? How much work needs to be done? Most importantly, how will these projects benefit those of us that have been marginalized and oppressed, if at all? We will spend some time talking about the distributed web, it’s theoretical and realized implications for the world, and then learn to build a website with the Dat Protocol and Beaker Browser. No experience necessary. People skeptical, inexperienced, or unfamiliar with computer tech are especially welcome.

Past events (9)

Planning and Organizing Meeting

Bluestockings Bookstore, Cafe & Activist Center

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