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M.E.A.L.S. is an acronym for Make Eating and Living Synergistic. In this group we will explore the wonderful world of food sciences. By understanding the nutrients in food that are healthy for us - what foods work well together and what foods don't - we can create optimized meal plans that generate even more health benefits than incorporating all the necessary food groups and eliminating junk. In order to optimize a meal plan, the molecules in food must work in synergy, or together. When molecules in food work together, it helps facilitate a healthier environment for the cells in our body. When we have more healthy cells, there is less chance of having heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc. While many of these diseases are genetic, a healthy synergistic diet can assist in decreasing the effects, if not completely eliminating the onset of the disease altogether.

Being classically trained as a chef and having my degree in biological sciences, I have found ways to make eating and living synergistic by making food taste good! We will talk about the diseases in our family and how our diet can start fighting against those diseases NOW- and in a tasty way. Let's talk about our goals for a healthier way of life through food synergy!

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