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What do you want to Radiate in your life? Peace? Wellbeing? Positivity? Spirituality? Abundance? Consciousness? Join positive, like-minded souls in a journey of exploration of everything you want to "Radiate" in your life.

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How to Run an Effective Holistic Practice

Online event

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This class is team taught from both North Carolina and Kansas City. Please check your time zone: 8 EDT, 7 CDT, 6 MDT, 5 PDT.
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Learn best practices for beginning or running a mediumship, massage, energy therapy, coaching, hypnotherapy, etc. business in this free online class.

Topics to include:
• Branding | Positioning | Pricing
• Favorite Tools for social media, scheduling, payment, etc.
• Protecting your Assets
• Cash flow versus Income
• Marketing techniques
• and more

Conveners are Rev. Lynne Hambleton, MBA, M.Ed., CEC Coach, Reiki Master, NATH CHt Hypnotherapy, and Change Consultant based in Southport, North Carolina
Christi Clemons Hoffman, Christi Clemons Hoffman, MA, CHt, Metaphysician, Spiritual Medium, Coach, Reiki Master, and Teacher based in Kansas City, Missouri

The Great Gossamer Exhibition

217 E Clark St

Spirituality is the theme of The Great Gossamer Exhibition of 2022. Paintings, sculptures, and prints of every description appear in this very special exhibition. Each artist’s sense of the spiritual provides the excitement that comes through diversity, while at the same time peaceful interpretations bring peace, contentment and, perhaps, spiritual understanding.

The twice-delayed exhibition has finally arrived! The event will take place in the Art Center Gallery on the campus of the University of Central Missouri with a 3-day opening running from June first through the third. The theme of the show is Spirituality in its many forms and it will feature works of visual art having spiritual themes from near and as far away as Norway.

In addition to the visual art there are, during the three opening evenings, discussions of the spiritual world by individuals such as; a neurosurgeon/shaman; a modern day intuitive; a Darwinist; an astrologist from Switzerland; a music healer from Kansas and an art theorist. And if that isn’t enough, poetry and music will accompany the activities and still more! The GG2022 sponsoring organization—the Mid-Missouri Artists, will accompany the GG2022 with a presentation of their fine art at the Art Center in Gallery 115.

The art exhibitions will be open to the public from June 1st until July 8th, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

June 1st 7 pm in the Art Center Lecture Hall Christi Clemons Hoffman will outline the Great Gossamer Exhibition’s scope and clarify psychic nomenclature and Professor Paul Rudy will present his take on the spiritual realm; his music healing work and his “Harmony Farm” in Kansas. This spot is followed each evening by a reception in the Art Center Foyer.

While the primary focus is on the “Artists and their Muses,” the evening is further enhanced by brief essays, poetry and music.

June 2nd 7 pm in the Art Center Lecture Hall Neurosurgeon Dr. Norman Shealy, M.D., PhD, will present a program called “Spirit in the Healing Process,” and a distinguished group will speculate on mind, consciousness and spirituality. Again, the evening is enhanced by brief essays, poetry and music.

June 3rd 7 pm in the Art Center Lecture Hall astrologer Mary Jane Staudenmann tells the ways astrology impacts our personalities and the way we live. A shaman makes a case for the spiritual healing of society. A humorous essay follows and along with music and poetry the spirits are “unleashed” in a grand celebration of life.

For more information, visit the UCM Gallery website.

Radiate Awakening

Yoga Patch


Welcome to this exciting evening!

For the first time ever, ALL Radiate Wellness practitioners will be live and in-person for an event geared toward growth and discovery.


Mary Jane Staudenmann, 40+ year Astrologer, Author, Teacher, and Tarot Reader, will be in Kansas City from Geneva, Switzerland, to discuss the various astrology systems and how the planets impact different parts of the world differently. Think daily horoscopes are all there is to astrology? Au contraire. Questions welcome!


Kathy Lesmeister, Energy Facilitator, Attunement and Access Consciousness practitioner, will guide you through an Endocrine Attunement in a hands-on experience. Attunement works primarily through the seven endocrine glands—Pineal, Pituitary, Thyroid, Thymus, Islets of Langerhans, Adrenals, and Ovaries / Testes. These glands each secrete powerful hormones into the bloodstream that regulate bodily function and affect thought and emotion. The endocrine glands create energy patterns around the body.


Christi Clemons Hoffman, Owner of Radiate Wellness; Host of the Radiate Wellness Podcast and Real-Life Angel Encounters Podcast; Level 3 QHHT practitioner; Spiritual Guide, Channeler, and Medium, and Reiki Master, will hold a group reading. She will tap into the Archangels and Ascended Masters, guests' personal guides, loved ones, past lives, health and energy fields, and our ET brethren. Begin setting intentions now to receive messages or to hear from loved ones. You may also bring personal items from loved ones for readings. Not all will receive messages, but you will receive healing and insights from others' messages.

Hors d'oeuvres, drinks, and gift bags are included in the ticket price.

Tickets are $40 each for the entire evening. Purchase here!



6:30 pm: meet and greet, hors d'ouevres


7-8:30 pm: Workshops, Q&A

QHHT Level 1 Companion Course

Kansas City Public Library: Plaza Branch

Embark on the experience of a lifetime as you broaden your QHHT® knowledge and understanding.

The QHHT® Level 1 Companion Program is for online graduates and anyone wanting to brush up on their skills. You must have already taken Level One to participate in this class. The live 3-day class is given by a certified QHHT instructor.

This class provides a day to answer your questions, a day to practice your newfound skills with other classmates, and a day to share your session results and receive immediate feedback. This program is perfect for new practitioners who have previously completed the online course, or any practitioner who would like to get some practice sessions in, ask questions about their sessions, and connect with other practitioners.
Class time is 9:00am to 6:00pm local time.

We invite you to join Level 1 Practitioners from all over the world as you visit the amazing Kansas City, Missouri. Enjoy all the incredible energy and life that Kansas City has to offer!

You will go deeper into QHHT and level-up your Practitioner status more quickly when you experience firsthand the energy from your QHHT family. Doing this will transform your daily life even as you return home.
This program is perfect for new online course students, practitioners who have previously completed the online course, or any practitioner who would like to get some practice sessions in, ask questions about their sessions and connect with other practitioners.

Buy tickets here: https://www.qhhtofficial.com/level-1-companion-course-kansas-city-missouri/?fbclid=IwAR1lqNLFINZmlhxj0w9SWUCW8IcchjeMDkvU3X9i3EAtMffh5f72ORbkXc0

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