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"Don't look now, but the human race is terribly unhappy. Oh, not you, of course. You're fine. It's the rest of us that have bungled it." - Brad Blanton "Practising Radical Honesty" Radical honesty is a tool to get to know oneself and others.

There is no ultimate manual for living radical honesty. We learn by practice. Living and sharing experiences, creating the future on your own terms. This is a group for those who're missing honesty in their lives. With radical honesty we challenge concepts, assumptions and re-discover ourselves, not as we think we suppose to be but as it feels most genuine to be. With a help of similar-minded eager-for-honesty people. The goal of the group is to encourage people to live self-fulfilling independent lives with freedom to create.

Let's make the world less sucky starting from the environment we share with others.

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