What we're about

RadicalxChange Portland aims to develop and implement mechanisms that harvest collective intelligence for making societal-scale decisions.


We want to use available technologies to make Portland's governance better.

And this dovetails nicely with Portland Government's upcomming Charter Review Process (https://www.portlandmercury.com/blogtown/2020/01/09/27786182/communities-of-color-will-help-lead-effort-to-replace-portlands-form-of-government).

Since Plato, the West has been asking the wrong question. Instead of 'who among us shall rule?', we ask ‘what digitally-enabled mechanism will deliver smarter governance practices, in any scale of organization?’

We believe smarter governance emerges from social interactions thereby creating more artful places, where civilized people live culturally expanding lifestyles.

Five big ideas needing a lot of work to implement:

• Quadratic Voting

• SALSA- Self-Assessed LIcense Sold at Auction

• Visas between Individuals Programs

• Data as Labor

• Anti-Trust in the financial markets

Therefore we are breaking things down into really small bit sized actions. RadicalxChange is networked with other cities around the world, and when added up, can make significant change happen.

from the global RadicalxChange:

Mission Statement (https://radicalxchange.org/index.html?_sw-precache=5d8f9d5d0cc2aca30e569f3fabeb7259#mission-statement)

Core Values (https://radicalxchange.org/index.html?_sw-precache=5d8f9d5d0cc2aca30e569f3fabeb7259#core-values)

Governance (https://radicalxchange.org/index.html?_sw-precache=5d8f9d5d0cc2aca30e569f3fabeb7259#governance-principles)Principles (https://radicalxchange.org/index.html?_sw-precache=5d8f9d5d0cc2aca30e569f3fabeb7259#governance-principles)

References & Publications (https://radicalxchange.org/index.html?_sw-precache=5d8f9d5d0cc2aca30e569f3fabeb7259#references-publications)

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