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RailsMN Beginner Sessions

As part of the Google for Entrepreneurs at CoCo program we will have monthly sessions to help you get started building a real Ruby on Rails web application while learning best practices and fundamental web development concepts. We offer mentorship and community to supplement how you learn Rails, be it via classroom or online tutorials or otherwise. Our mentors will be available to help you get started (and installed) with Rails, advise you about core concepts of Rails and web development, and help clarify any other questions.

Each session will largely be in a 'hack night' format. We'll kick off the session with a few words of advice, introductions and then get you started on one of the great build-an-app resources (like Mike Hartl). Experienced Rails developers will then come around and work with you for the rest of the evening. You're also encouraged to ask questions of other beginners around you!

We feel the best way to learn Rails is to actively develop something. There are a lot of great tutorials online that can help you understand the syntax and can guide you through building an app, but it generally leaves a lot of questions. Our format is meant to give you individual feedback about things that those tutorials may leave you wondering about.

People of all experience levels are welcome to come and participate, and are encouraged to ask questions.


Parking: visit the CoCo MSP site ( for parking infomation. CoCo has a partnership with the Gateway Ramp (grab validations from CoCo Host to receive $5 parking).

CoCo is just two blocks East from the Government Plaza Light Rail Station served by both Blue and Green lines.

Food/Drink: food, soda, and water will be provided

Laptop: since there is group hack-session during these events, you should bring a laptop! Having Rails installed and ready to go isn't required as we can help you get started, but can definitely help you hit the ground running. For information about installing Rails, view our tutorials at .

Twitter @RailsMN (

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