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Qigong Victoria 0pen Your Heart + Heal 10 wk. session Jan 23,6 -7pm Register Now
Rainforest Qigong, Open Your Heart 10-week session. This session will focus on your heart, the middle dantian. You will experience a transformation as you begin to open your heart and experience profound joy and pleasure in your life and all around you. Just a few minutes of QiGong begins the healing process. Your cells are amazing! They have incredible power and potential to create joy and to repair and rejuvenate. QiGong has the power to heal and eliminate the pain associated with degenerative disease. Immerse yourself in the healing and supportive energy of Qigong in our supportive group environment. No experience is necessary to attend. We will be using the components of the west coast rainforest energy, the breath, visualization, gentle postures/movements, and sound to remove any blockages in our energetic system and balance our energy. With balanced energy and a deeper connection to your heart, you will experience your optimal health, peak performance, and peace. Benefits include: Open Hearted awareness Increased awareness enhancing clarity & intuition Eases stress and balances emotions Speeds recovery from illness and injury Balances blood pressure and blood sugar Strengthens bones & immune system Enhances compassion, love & joy Chairs are provided, wear loose comfortable clothing. Register Today, and get on the the waiting list. You are most welcome to join us, we are still accepting registrations! Wednesday, January 23 for 10 weeks 6:00pm-7:00pm 10 classes for $110 Call (250)[masked] or email place@fairfieldcommunity

Fairfield Community Centre Room

1330 Fairfield · Victoria, BC


What we're about

Reduce stress, connect with your heart, lower blood pressure and reduce chronic pain. These are just a few of the benefits of a qigong practice.

We were formerly a Spring Forest Qigong practice group and realized we have created a synergistic qigong practice incorporating many more healing and balancing elements, including mindfulness, vipassana, Tibetan bowls, our powerful island environment, the cycles of the moon and earth energy.

So we are now Rain Forest Qigong.

Are you interested in experiencing the powerful self-healing practice of Rain Forest Qigong? Come and join like-hearted individuals as you learn to increase your vital energy and heal your body, mind and spirit. The practice of Qigong (chee gong) is quickly gaining more attention in the western world due to its tremendous health and emotional benefits.

Rain Forest Qigong is a synergistic form of Qigong. It consists of traditional moving meditations, mindfulness, Tibetan Bowls, sparking joy and awareness, sitting meditations, and chanting, all designed to assist you with your healing ability, health and well being. You can be a healer for yourself and others too!

Simple and easy to learn, this is a wonderful tool to complement any healing modality. Anyone can learn to practice Rainforest Qigong regardless of age or ability.

We would love for you to join our lovely-community and experience this wonderful healing energy. Our mission is to empower those interested in balancing and renewing their health of body, mind, and spirit, and to spread love and joy.

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