What we're about

Rainbow Sports League was founded with the philosophy that all people are welcome to participate in a safe, fun, social, and inclusive environment. The purpose of RSL is to engage members of the LGBTQIA+ community, friends, and allies in healthy, active sports and activities by creating and managing structured games, leagues and tournaments in a safe, consistent, and organized fashion.

Rainbow Sports League follows these principles in order and in precedence. At no time shall any higher ranked principal be compromised for the sake of another by any official, team, or player.

1) Safety: All measures will be taken so that any and all activities rank safety as the league’s number one priority.
2) Participation / Inclusion: All people are welcome in RSL games and activities, and participation is fundamental to all involved.
3) Respect: All people affiliated with RSL, its teams or its events shall treat each other with dignity and respect at all times, both on and off the field.
4) Fun: The purpose of RSL in its core, is to foster a fun, philanthropic, social environment.
5) Honesty / Fair Play: It is expected that all players, teams and officials shall adhere to a strict honor code at all times.
6) Competition: While RSL games and activities keep score and award champions, at no time shall any player, team, or official allow the competitive nature inherent in sports take precedence over any of the above founding principles.

Past events (2)

Kickball Open Play August 24th

Stevens Field Park

Kickball Open Play August 17th

Stevens Field Park

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