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Calling all independent filmmakers and film lovers! Raindance's Boozin' & Schmoozin' is a monthly meetup for those who make films and love films - whether it's your career or your hobby; whether you're thinking about making your first or you've made 20; whether you're a director, writer, producer, actor, cinematographer, production designer, composer, film blogger, gaffer, best boy, first AD, runner, editor, Netflix addict, camera person or student - you're welcome at Raindance! Come along to find your next collaborators, volunteer your services for some set time, get tips and advice, or just to chat film with other passionate film buffs.

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From Pitch to Product: How to Write a Story Pitch First

Raindance Film Festival


  • Find a marketable hook for your screenplay
  • Sum up your entire story in one short pitch
  • Know if your story will sink or swim way before you write it

Writing a screenplay is hard, but selling it (to an agent, publisher, studio) can be even harder. It doesn’t matter how great your idea is, or how amazingly you write, what those who matter are looking for is a marketable hook that will catch the attention of distributors and end users.

So how can you easily sum up your entire story in one short pitch or synopsis and make it fit the bill? The answer is you don’t have to – not if you approach your work marketing first.

In this class Natali Simmonds will be talking about how to hone your story into the perfect elevator pitch, and know you’re on to a good thing, before you start writing. It worked for me, and it can work for you too!

## What will you get

Learn how to:

  • Understand your audience
  • Get the perfect hook in place
  • Sell your story in one line
  • Find the perfect comps
  • Work backwards – from pitch to product (or screenplay)

At the end of the evening you will be equipped with all the tools you need to know if your story will sink or swim way before you write it.

## Who Should Attend

This course is ideal for anyone wanting to save time writing their next screenplay. Writers, screenwriters and filmmakers will benefit, so will any professional seeking to improve their understanding of putting marketing and sales before the final product.

## About the tutor

Natali Simmonds is an author who has also worked in advertising, branding, marketing and publishing.

She began her career in glossy magazines, then went on to manage marketing campaigns for big brands before going freelance. In 2015 she co-founded online magazine The Glass House Girls and has since contributed to various online and print publications.

Her debut thriller Good Girls Die Last (Headline) is out June 23, and she also writes fantasy under the pseudonym of N J Simmonds (The Path Keeper, Son of Secrets, and Children of Shadows was shortlisted for the 2022 RNA Fantasy Award), along with Middle Grade fantasy and manga, and is one half of paranormal romance writer, Caedis Knight. Her stories are gritty and unflinching, full of complex women and page-turning suspense (and sometimes a little magic).

When Natali’s not writing, she works as a freelance brand consultant and writer, and lectures at Raindance Film School, various universities, schools and online. Originally from London, she now splits her time between Spain and the Netherlands.

Discover more at njsimmonds.com

The Power of Networking: Working the Room

Raindance Film Centre


## Why would you want to do this workshop?

Have you ever gone to an event and wanted to leave in the first 10 minutes? Would you rather be ready to pitch yourself for your next project and super charge your career?
This 2 hour workshop will help you to create a professional persona and take that persona out on duty to win work. The learning journey we will focus on is being successful in extending your network and getting closer to winning that job.
“Anyone in the industry knows that they need to be successful networkers and have a vague awareness of how to get into the room and this is a programme of techniques which are not technical skills that will enable them to get the job.” Sharon Burrell – Producer / Director

## What you will learn?

This is a hands on, on your feet workshop and not a lecture. You will learn:

  • The etiquette of networking
  • The big no no’s when working the room
  • How to open a conversation
  • Making an impact at the party
  • Awkward questions and how to get out of answering them

All rolled into an action packed 2 hour session full of exercises and discussions.

## Who should attend?

This workshop is open to anyone who wants to work on their networking skills and become confident when working the room.

## About the presenter

Darren Murphy is an Olivier Award Nominated producer and writer who in 2014 founded his production company Making Productions.
He has gone on to produce bold new writing and existing work in new and exciting ways to engage and entertain audiences. Combining newly discovered talent with experienced collaborators, partner organisations and other producers, the aim is to extend the scope of creativity in the performing arts. Darren is passionate about exploring relevant and current work for education and community organisations for the betterment of all and is unique in this practice by championing Women, BAME and LGBT+ creatives.

## What they're saying:

"It was an informative and entertaining evening with a good friendly atmosphere. The points made were ones to hold on to and remember when networking."

Julie Bevan – September 8, 2022

Directing Commercials in a Multi Media World

Link visible for attendees


At a glance

  • Pitching on a commercial
  • Making a dynamic showreel
  • Telling stories and selling in less than a minute
  • How to shoot a great commercial that will get you noticed

Shooting commercials puts you at the cutting edge of visual storytelling. Now a multiple media profession, you need to set up stories quickly, create stunning branded content, self shoot and edit and get ahead of your rivals to success.

This intensive course will arm you with the information needed to enter and succeed in the world of commercials and branded content. From finding work to working with agencies, clients and copywriters you will get a 21st century insight into the adverting. You will learn tips on pitching for work, making a cutting edge showreel and most important how to make memorable and stand out content.

  • Learn what makes a great commercial
  • Discover the history of advertising
  • Tips and tricks for the best showreel

What will it Cover?

We’ll give you an understanding of the commercials industry in 2020 – all platforms, all formats – where are we?

  • Brief history of film / television advertising
  • We’ll take a moment to look back on the history of television and film advertising and look at some of the very best directors who have trail blazed with amazing work
  • Pitching on a commercial
  • How to win a job….it’s hard but w’ll give you a few inside tips and knowledge to get ahead of the game
  • Making a dynamic showreel
  • Your showreel is everything. Make it count with great content the right length…the correct order
  • Telling stories and selling in less than a minute
  • How to shoot a great commercial that will get you noticed

What will you Achieve?

You will gain a thorough understanding of the world of advertising. The course will give you the knowledge and tools to launch your career in advertising. It will help you sell yourself, understand the process and create amazing showreels to win jobs!

How will you be taught?

A mixture of hand outs, lectures and visual examples will guide you through an interactive and entertaining no nonsense course.

Who Should Attend?

If you’re attracted to a fast paced cutting edge lifestyle, want to work in the cutting edge of film making, want to practise your craft of director or simply want to get an understanding of how to enter one of the most exciting jobs in the world….this is the course for you.

About the Tutor

Simon Hunter has directed over 50 television and film commercials, and three feature films, and is represented at one of London most respected production companies. His directing debut was the horror movie LIGHTHOUSE in the year 2000 and he went on to direct the visual effects-laden sci-fi movie THE MUTANT CHRONICLES in 2008. Simon’s first feature, Lighthouse, was released theatrically in 2002. Simon subsequently became a much sort after commercials director before returning to features with Edward R Pressman’s Mutant Chronicles in the Summer of 2006. Simon flew to Qatar in 2014 to direct 20 episodes of a Scifi adventure series set in the desert. The filming takes place in Qatar, Jordan and India. In 2017 Simon directed his passion project, EDIE which tells the tale of an older lady who climbs a mountain in Scotland at the age of eighty-three. The film has had an enthusiastic and successful theatrical release in the UK and has sold to multiple territories. Simon lives in the German capital, Berlin. Since 1999 he has regularly lectured for RAINDANCE and other organisations.

Read Breaking in as a Film Director by Simon

What they’re saying

Simon’s enthusiastic personality and his pearls of wisdom such as “you don’t see with your eyes… they’re just there to filter information to the brain”. Simon has an engaging, highly enthusiastic personality and I was quickly drawn in to his vast skillful knowledge of film production

  • Steve Grimes

In Person Boozin' & Schmoozin' Filmmakers & Film-Lovers Meet-Up

Ruby Blue - Sports Bar & Nightclub


Want to meet indie filmmakers and film lovers around the world? Looking to find a team to work on your next project, volunteer your services for some set time, or just chat about movies with someone who can tell the difference between Fight Club and Dallas Buyers Club?

Come to Raindance’s Boozin’ N Schmoozin’ – the monthly filmmakers networking event for people who love and make films!

During the evening there will be an opportunity for attendees to address the room with requests and offerings. For example, “I am a writer/director looking for a producer to work with on my new script”, or “I am a DoP looking for new projects to work on”, etc

Everybody welcome, producers, directors, actors, writers, composers, crew etc, etc

Next date: Monday 12th December, from 6:30pm UK time

Venue: Ruby Blue, 1 Leicester Place, Leicester Square, London London WC2H 7BP (nearest tube Leicester Square)

Doors open at 6:30pm. The main event starts at 8pm. Bar closes at 3am

You must show photo ID (passport, driving licence etc) on entry, access to this venue will be denied if you do not have photo ID

Advance booking only, no cash on door, sign up here

This is a FREE event for Raindance Premium and Pro Members, everyone else just £5

18+ only

Hosted by Alex di Cuffa

What they’re saying:

"The network was really broad with lots of new people." - Andre Farquharson

"It was really worth while. I spoke to a lot of people, gave out alot of business cards. I would definitely want to go again." - Harry Demuth

"Nicely organised – MC Alex was charming." - Inez

"Thanks. Was a good to meet some lovely people tonight." - Darren Brade

"Nice place to be…good vibrations…!" - Viorel Obreja Whitaker

Want to meet indie filmmakers and film fans in London? Want to find a team to work on your next project, volunteer your services for some set-time, or just talk about indie film with someone who can tell the difference between Lincoln and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter? Come to Raindance's Boozin & Schmoozin.

Free for Raindance Premium and Pro Members:
£5 everyone else, sign up here

Doors open at 6.30pm, bar open till 3am
Cash bar once you're in
18+ only

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In Person Boozin' & Schmoozin' Filmmakers & Film-Lovers Meet-Up

Ruby Blue - Sports Bar & Nightclub


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