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Raising Consciousness with Sound
WNY & Niagara Region

A group get together to experience Sound to bring us into Higher States of Consciousness – A Higher Frequency. I have been working with Sound for Healing and Higher Consciousness for over 25 years and love to get together with those of a like-mind.
The Events will include many different Experiences. Sometimes a night might be devoted to one particular type of experience; Often we will have multiple experiences in one night:

Sound Journeys – Experience the healing and consciousness raising aspects of sound as you lay on the floor with your eyes closed. We play a wide range of natural sounds all around you, including using the voice to induce higher states of consciousness. The journeys often include Crystal Bowls and Tibetan Bowls.
Laying on the Water Sound Table for Inner Journeying.
Toning with Intention – Most of our meditations are done with a conscious stated Intention.
Chanting – Chanting songs from around the world. No singing experience required.
Sound Healing Music – Wide range of live and recorded Sounds and Music to bring you into a state of bliss and deep peace.
Sound and Movement – Taking sound into form in the body and throughout the chakras.
Guided Meditations with Sound – From releasing stuck emotions and energy to resonating higher forms of sound and light consciousness.

You can find more about us at www.innersoulutions.org and www.vibroacoustic.org

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