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Welcome to Raising Your Vibrations!

After a dozen years of facilitating Meetups, we are now UP-leveling our vibration raising more than ever before!

In addition to our group meditations, energy healings, aromatherapy, sensory development, expanding consciousness, vibration raising diet studies, sound healings and so much more, we will have book discussions on epigenetics (connecting with and controlling our vibrations) and other relevant topics.

I have been studying and mentoring with icons in the fields of conscious evolution, energy medicine and expanding practices and am bringing their influences to our work and play together! My #1 Bestselling book Evolve Your Life is being followed by a book co-authored with Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul guy) this autumn. I will share with you what is emerging for us as the New Humans!

I've made dozens of lifelong friends through facilitating hundreds of Meetups through the years, and I am genuinely looking forward to meeting YOU!

Come and hang out as often as possible....I will meet you there! See you soon, Sheila


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We had a phenomenal group of members attend the summer "Actualize Your Innate Superpowers" series. Now we are diving into a whole new set of practices! 10/14 ~ ADVANCED CLAIRSENTIENCE Practice tuning into the finer details of spirit’s characteristics! Learn to recognize and sense the energetic nuances of spirit for evidential readings. You will practice perceiving; past vs. future, old vs. young, creative personality vs. intellectual vs. physically oriented in vocations, living psychic vs. deceased mediumship, sibling vs. cousin and other relationships. Distinguish these and many more with Advanced Clairsentience! 10/21 ~ TELEPATHY: We have all had those moments in life when we wanted someone to call, and then they did, and the first thing they say is: "I was just thinking about you and felt compelled to pick up the phone and give you a call!" Telepathy is the transference of thoughts or feelings between two or more subjects. It is also known as a form of ESP. This fun gathering will give you a chance to both give and receive. Don't miss it! 10/28 ~ MEDICAL MEDIUMSHIP Did you ever see an old friend and notice right away their lack of energy, their usual glow subdued? Negative energy can cluster and become dense or even stuck in certain areas of the body - pockets of heat or cold can be felt and seen through clairvoyance and clairsentience. Join us to engage your sensory skills in a new way as we learn all about the ancient practice of medical mediumship! 11/4 ~ ANATOMY OF A READING—ETHICS & TROUBLESHOOTING Along your path of spiritual development, you naturally begin to receive messages for not only yourself but others as well. How do you handle negative communication or news from spirit? What if your friend or client does not want to hear it? Or what if they say “I want to know everything?” How much do you tell them? In this practicum, you will learn all the parts of a constructive and effective reading, including: Setting your filters, the Invocation, Ethics and troubleshooting, Blessings. Bring your questions and concerns to uplevel your readings for the New Year! 11/11 ~ REMOTE VIEWING You, a superhero? How about a Super Human? Humans inherently possess incredible skills that largely go unexplored. Why wouldn’t we recapture and develop abilities to sense and see beyond the obvious? Remote viewing is the ability to acquire accurate information about a distant or non-local place, person or event. Step into your superhuman self with us to practice perceiving beyond your immediate space! 11/18 ~ CHANNELING UNIVERSAL GUIDANCE We are entering a global phase of consciousness. The next step is to tune into the bigger picture. Within the synergy of a group, the sparks of universal messages show up. Universal guidance is whispering to us now to seek what is new for us individually and collectively. Feel the excitement of stepping in as you expand your conscious ability to attune in a bigger way! 12/2 ~ WHO DOES THE UNIVERSE THINK YOU ARE? This very popular attunement is an experiential in channeling the universal impulse of life through the uniqueness of you! Inspired thoughts will emerge from a rich, deep and sentient field as we come eye to eye with our absolute purest nature - to who you are, why you are here and what your part is in the grandest scheme of all. Discover YOU on a whole new level! 12/9 ~ PRE-COGNITION/VISIONING THE FUTURE Have you ever dreamed of an event and then it came true? Precognition is the ability to know what the future holds. This Playshop will be entirely high vibration and focused on positivity to be used in creating your future. Join us for a fun gathering as we look into 2021! *EARLYBIRD* $199 for series by Oct. 4th - $199 FROM 10/5 - 10/14 - $299. Send payment now to: https://www.paypal.me/GINAMAYBURY Your zoom link will be sent to you upon payment. Your PayPal receipt is your guaranteed confirmation. No refunds but credits may be issued on a case-by-case basis.

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