• Sounds for Your Soul ~ Spring Day Retreat!

    Ancient Oaks Baltimore Homa Community Farm


    Sounds for Your Soul ~ Spring Day Retreat! Ancient Oaks Homa Farm 1020 Poole Road Westminster, MD 21157 Join us for a personal sound healing experience as you move through a full day of harmonious sounding circles facilitated by masters in their craft. You will be guided into one memorable experience after the next, as you breathe deeply in the fresh spring air and melt into the sound waves... ****************************************************** *Harmonic Introductions Overtoning ~ an amazing experience with the mesmerizing creations of this incredible group! You’ll get to try it for yourself as well! *Gong and Didgeridoo - a one of a kind experience touches the deepest part of you that remembers the ancient wisdom with David Martin. *Drum Circle ~ become one with the primal sounds and rhythm immersion with no other than Jaqui MacMillan from Drum for JOY! Jaqui teaches how to play your drum in ways that make it Fun and Easy!! (drums provided if you do not have one.) *Flutes - be buoyed by bliss as the sacred whisperings of the flute moves the listener into prayerful states as if being called to remember our Oneness. *Quartz Crystal Bowls ~ let yourself get carried away in a symphony of alchemy bowls . . *Laughter Yoga will elevate your mood sky-high! Delicious Vegetarian hot lunch included! Cost: $79 Bring the printout of payment receipt for entry, extra water for the day, a jacket, and your favorite drum. (We have 20 djembe's) RSVP EARLY here as space is limited: https://www.meetup.com/Raising-Your-Vibrations/ Come spend a beautiful spring days with us on May 26th!

  • June 2 ***SUMMER MOOD SPA*** at Rising Phoenix

    Rising Phoenix Holistic Center

    ***SUMMER MOOD SPA*** How gooood can you truly feel? Find out in the Summer Mood Spa! This will be the highlight of your week ~ people will start asking you, "what have you been doing??" *Join us as we channel all the *BEST MOODS* throughout the summer! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sheila Cash will guide you through the total embodiment of becoming the highest states of vibrational glow - Joy, Grace, Freedom, Fun, Acceptance, Goodwill, Love, Harmony, Worthiness, Divinity, and BLISS! Each week, we’ll focus on one mood at a time with background music, aromatherapy and ambience! Bring your pillows and sleeping bags to sit on or lie on as you soak in the exquisite feelings. NOTE: ***You can sign up for one session at a time, OR the whole series of 10 at a 20% discount! You will not want to miss any! Lift yourself and buoy those around you this summer... ~~ Join us for this one of a kind experience! ~~ Dates: Sundays - 6/2 & 6/9, then Saturdays - 6/15, 6/22, 6/29, 7/13, 7/27, 8/3, 8/10, 8/17 Drop-ins for single sessions are welcome as long as there are spaces! $28 per session or $224 for the entire summer!! TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT FOR THE SERIES, send $224 to: https://www.paypal.me/sheilagcash TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT FOR THE FIRST SESSION ONLY ON JUNE 2ND, send $28 to: https://www.paypal.me/sheilagcash Your receipt with PayPal is your confirmation and guarantees your spot. Series option must be paid for by the first session on June 9th - after first session there will be no pro-rating but attendees are welcome to come to individual sessions. No refunds on the series or individual sessions missed ~ that is what the discount is for! ;D We hope to see you throughout the summer!

  • How to Raise Your Vibrations Sky-High just in time for Summer!

    Rising Phoenix Holistic Center


    How to Raise Your Vibrations Sky-High! *What would it feel like for people to notice your striking *glow* everyday? *How would your life change if you had more energy than you could possibly use every single day? *How would your decisions change if you had a sharpened ability to see the bigger picture of your future? Yes you CAN easily have all of this and more! Naturally high vibrations are the state of health and happiness, the state of success and abundance, that which native shamans live and train in.......and even animals in the wild embody this ultimate wholeness of mind, body and spirit. ****************** Clearing, toning and raising your vibrations on a daily basis is the real key that supports your ability to experience joy. It also puts you into a naturally psychic state. AND it is the foundation for the skill of manifesting. Without monitoring our lower toxic emotions such as anger, jealousy, frustration, and martyr energy that infiltrate our days - our vibrations become clouded and pollute our ability to manage relationships, work and creating optimal futures. ********* In this Meetup, you will discover DOZENS of ways you can raise your vibration at home for little or no cost! *What is the #1 technique to *manifest" your ideal life that noone talks about? *What one beautiful thing can you do that will raise the vibration of your space to the absolute top of the scale? *How can you live like a wild animal and still get to work on time and completely refreshed?? Take home a brand new blueprint for *catalyzing* your mind, body and soul this summer! We can't wait to have you with us! RSVP NOW: https://www.meetup.com/Raising-Your-Vibrations/events/261521413/ (**Those attending the Summer Mood Spa just before this workshop, or booking a personal 30 minute reading with Sheila will receive the package discount of 15%! Call Jacqui to arrange your time slot and special discount at:[masked] )

  • 6/8 ~ The Unconditional Love Conference

    8996 Burke Lake Rd

    Get Your Ticket Here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/unconditional-love-conference-tickets-60349676507 The Unconditional Love Conference & Tour Is a Stand for LOVE, In LOVE, and by LOVE. The Unconditional Love Conference & Tour is a worldwide LOVE Movement about Creating, Building, and Being LOVE in this world toward yourself & others. Helping to bring man-kind closer together in Unity with LOVE. The first official Unconditional Love Conference & Tour! Event : The Unconditional Love Conference Address : 8996 Burke Lake Rd Burke VA Date : June 8, 2019 Time : 1:00p.m - 5:00p.m. Cost : $25.00 Facilitators Tremayne Johnson - "Purity of the Heart" - www.unconditionalloveconference.com Diane L. Haworth - "Living the Be Love Principles" - www.dianehaworth.com Dr. Harolyn Ingraham - "Love, Healing & Consciousness" - www.spiritconfessions.com - Book Launch * Confessions of a Gradient Spirit* Sheila Cash - "Guided Journey of the Unconditional Heart" - www.sheilacash.com FAQ Is there parking available? Yes, there is parking available. Where do I sign up? Sign up at the link below. Are you taking payments at the door? Yes, depending on how many people sign up on eventbrite. How many people does the space hold? the space limit is 50 attendees. Sign up here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/unconditional-love-conference-tickets-60349676507 More updates to come as we get closer to the date!

  • You and Me ~ Private Mentoring for your Highest Development in 2019!

    Hello High Vibers! If you're like the dozens of private students I'm working with these days, you're feeling time speeding up, responsibility increasing on the job front and the homefront, and still experiencing less meaning. You keep wondering what your best direction forward is... What I've discovered over the decades of teaching intuitive and psychic development, channeling universal wisdom for your life and how to develop the skills of the New Human is that what you really want is to feel love and acceptance with your family, friends and significant others, meaning in your work, and certainty when as you face your future. Sure, being able to read others around you with accuracy ushers in infinite advantages. Being able to receive messages from higher wisdom steers you out of those old patterns that land your nose against the proverbial brick wall and right into the people, places, and things that resonate with you authentically. From there, the money and health and love follow. Below is a description of my private mentoring partnership with you that is highly customized to your specific goals. Whether that is just waking up solidly in charge of your life, or if you want to hang out your shingle and take yourself on the road professionally. Let's talk! Private One-on-One Mentoring Program for Comprehensive Interdimensional Development with Sheila Cash: I customize your program based on the goals you want to achieve and your level of experience. Our first session includes a discovery session where we cover details of the many areas of development and get clear on your greatest interest and goals.. Ultra-beginners to advanced welcome! Lessons can include: Letting Go of fear, attachments and more for yourself or your own clients Vibration Raisers for protection in the higher vibes and clearer insights Aura Reading Medical Intuitive Dowsing/Pendulums Chakras as Psychic Tools Meditations/Prayers/Affirmations All About Guides Symbols - building your own library Photo Readings Psychometry Automatic Writing Mediumship Scrying Telepathy Remote Viewing Nature Guides Terragetics - reading and channeling elements of the earth Past Life Regressions Pre-Cognition How to Perceive Names Spiritual Cleansing Spiritualist Energy Healing How to do a House Clearing Prophecy *How to Give a Reading (detailed) *Channeling of Universal Wisdom* Clairsentience - most common, gut feelings, sensing presence, feeling other’s emotions or backgrounds, feeling heavy energy Clairaudience - Interdimensional Hearing Clairvoyance - Interdimensional Seeing Clairalience - Interdimensional Smelling Claircognizance - Interdimensional Knowing I have decades of experience teaching these topics, as well as private mentoring with students all over the world. *Sessions are between 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on what we are working on. Many can be accomplished very well through ZOOM. The time of our sessions will be mutually agreed upon - day/evening, etc. The Private Fee is $997 for a 12 Week Package. It is payable by PayPal which offers you extended pay by the month and the option of putting it on your credit card. My PayPal address is: [masked] **I am also offering Private Mentoring students exclusive access to my weekly Cellular Consciousness course completely free of charge. It takes place on Wednesday evenings for 40 sessions throughout the year with seasonal breaks and all sessions are recorded. This course is normally $997 but FREE to my private students as an added bonus to their development through deep journeys into your cellular consciousness (as your body is your actual instrument for psychic development!) Based on epigenetics and neuroplasticity. Let's advance you forward in the right direction this year! Contact me to talk about your goals ~ the time and place of our personal meetups will be mutually agreeable: [masked] to your evolution, Sheila

  • EFT Certification LVL 2 – Emotional Freedom Techniques

    EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques - LEVEL 2 with Mary Phelan (those with some experience or want a review are Welcome into this level as well - contact Mary at [masked]) Sept 14 & 15 – (Sat. & Sun.) - $300 - 12 hours LEVEL TWO – Working with Self and Others In LEVEL TWO, you will hone your skills by learning many new powerfully effective techniques. Whether you are planning on becoming a practitioner or want to use these powerful techniques on self and family, this two day workshop offers a lot of 'hands on' experience. EFT allows you to take your skills to the next level and to be amongst the top healers in the world! With these tools, you can assist people that could not find help anywhere else. In this course, you will learn: * Muscle Testing for discovering unconscious programming * Successfully conduct an EFT session * How to discover core issues * "Tell the Story" Technique * "Tearless Trauma" Technique * "Chasing the Pain" Technique * Borrowing Benefits * Surrogate Tapping * "Choices" Method * What is behind Allergies? * Working with Children * EFT over the phone Plus much more! Because you will have the opportunity to use EFT on your personal issues, many people have profound transformations during this weekend and come just for that! Effectively releasing emotion is the true path of healing ~ get in on this wave of the future! Mary will give you individualized attention as needed. © Mary Phelan – 2007 - 2019 RSVP Now: https://www.meetup.com/Raising-Your-Vibrations/ Email Sheila at [masked] for payment instructions.