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This group is dedicated to promoting peaceful discussion about difficult topics. Our goal is to increase mutual understanding even on topics where no agreement can be found. Let's exit our bubbles and echo chambers and engage respectfully with each other! Our first principle will be to assume that those who disagree with us have honorable intentions, and we will grant each other the dignity due to them as human beings.

For this movement I have borrowed an old american term, the "chautauqua". This is was a common facet of the late 19th and early 20th century social life. The basic concept is that we will host meetings about difficult topics, sometimes with guest speakers beginning the conversation, other times without. Our goal is to create a replicable model that anyone can use to host a chautauqua anywhere.

Upcoming events (5+)

Assisted Suicide

Temple Beth Or

Should Assisted Suicide be legal in NC? A Rabbi will be on hand to discuss the ethical issues associated with the hard decisions we make at the end of our lives.

Introverts vs. Extroverts

Harris Teeter Cafe

DISCUSSION: We will discuss the differences between introverted people, and extroverted people, and what annoys each group. Extroverts urge introverts to get out of the house, to stay at the party, to live life. Introverts want to be understood and left alone. How do we all co-exist? RESPECT We ask that no one interrupts another while they are speaking. Also, to keep any individual from dominating the group, speaking time for each person will be limited to about a minute. HOW TO FIND US: Enter Harris Teeter and turn right. The café is in the front corner of the store. BRUNCH: The discussion starts at 12:00, but I will arrive around 11:30 for brunch. You can join me if you wish, or just come for the discussion. The Harris Teeter café offers a buffet that has a wide variety of food, including sesame chicken, rice, potatoes, fruits, salads, and more. There's a coffee machine next to our tables.

The 2020 Census

Temple Beth Or

Understanding the upcoming census

Alternative Political Parties

Temple Beth Or

What are the minor political parties? In a system dominated by two main parties, is it worthwhile to vote for these other choices?

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Differences between the Generations

Harris Teeter Cafe

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