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Hey there! Thanks for checking us out.

The Raleigh Dropsource Meetup is a community meetup for people to get together to learn and discuss the best practices, strategies, and tools available for building amazing mobile apps. We'll eat, drink, make friends, and learn something in the process.

Our goal is to empower and educate aspiring app developers in the Raleigh-Durham community to design, build and launch the next big mobile app!

Why should I attend this meetup?

If you want to learn more about mobile app development, from vetting app ideas, to designing apps, to actually building the apps using different tools and methods, this is the right meetup for you. We'll cover topics related to deploying and maintaining mobile apps and mobile app marketing as well. We'll also occasionally have sessions dedicated to helping anyone interested in learning to use and get the most out of the Dropsource mobile app development platform.

OK, so what will we do at these meetups?

We will eat, drink, talk and learn. And definitely have fun in the process.

Each meetup event may vary, but typically we'll host presentations and workshops, with occasional guest speakers, hack-a-thons, and product tutorials. Topics will be connected to building mobile apps, but we'll also cover topics like startups, marketing, and design as well.

Wait, Dropsource is a mobile app dev platform... will this just be a Dropsource marketing event?

Good question. No, it won't. These meetups will cover a wide range of topics and while we will occasionally touch on how Dropsource works, it will only be when and where appropriate.

You can expect to learn about wide range of products and tools in our events, including other useful mobile app design and development products. When we do have a Dropsource focused meetup, we'll always make sure it's stated clearly in the topic and invitation details.

Have more questions or comments? Send us a message and we'll be happy to tell you more!

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