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If you're a fan of Brain Pickings — or you just enjoy reading books about creativity, psychology, spirituality, design, and art — this is the book club for you. We meet each month in Raleigh or Durham to discuss a book or other writing by an author who has been mentioned on Brain Pickings. We're a diverse group of curious, open-minded people who like to talk about themes like mindfulness, empathy, solitude, and awe ... and all of the things that make life both beautiful and difficult. Hope you can join us!
Ready to Get Involved?
• Attend an upcoming meetup. Please note that all attendees are expected to read and abide by our group guidelines.
• Volunteer to lead a discussion, recommend a book (from the Brain Pickings reading list (or any book from an author on the reading list), or suggest a venue.
• Note that many of these meetups fill up quickly. Don't get discouraged. If you're on the waitlist, it's likely a spot will open up for you at some point. If you're still waitlisted by the time the event rolls around, please message the organizer for permission to attend – but do this only if you plan to come, please.
Want to Support Us?
• Buy a book at Amazon using any of the links we provide. We'll earn a tiny commission on items purchased (at no extra cost to you), 100% of which goes toward Meetup fees.

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Rationality: What It Is, Why It Seems Scarce, Why it Matters by Steven Pinker

In today's world, many of us are mystified how it's possible that our fellow citizens can believe the crazy things we ourselves do not believe in. Even more perplexing is why those other people most likely feel the same way about us. I'm hoping that Steven Pinker will provide some clues to help us understand what's happening in his book "Rationality: What It Is, Why It Seems Scarce, Why it Matters."

From Wikipedia: "Steven Pinker is a Canadian-American cognitive psychologist, psycholinguist, popular science author and public intellectual. He is an advocate of evolutionary psychology and the computational theory of mind. Pinker is a Professor of Psychology at Harvard University, and his academic specializations are visual cognition and developmental linguistics. His experimental subjects include mental imagery, shape recognition, visual attention, children's language development, regular and irregular phenomena in language, the neural bases of words and grammar, as well as the psychology of cooperation and communication, including euphemism, innuendo, emotional expression, and common knowledge."

The Durham County Library and Chapel Hill Library each have several copies and the Wake County Library has more than two dozen copies.

Before signing up, please ensure that you are committed to reading the book and attending the Meetup. No-shows have deprived other people from participation.

Let's meet at the Leesville branch of the Wake County Library system on Saturday, October 22 at 2 P.M. The address of the library is: 5105 Country Trail, Raleigh, NC 27613

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Seek You: A Journey Through American Loneliness

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