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Introductory session for Health session and pain management
Hi! My name is Nidhi and I just moved from NEW YORK to Raleigh. Huge change but I'm starting to like the city. It's only been a few months here but one thing I miss about New York is having a group of people I can talk to thats mainly health focused. Just a year back I lost around 65lbs. Keeping positive people around me to help me promote a healthier lifestyle really helped me get to my goal. I want to open up a forum where I can help out others who are struggling with weight loss and others who can help me with my weightless goals. During this journey - I encountered a bunch of gym injuries, which called for me to be at the Physical Therapy clinic a lot. Thus, allowing me to get into the Physical Therapy industry - I've partnered up with a Physical Therapy clinic to help me with my initiative. Super excited to try out Meetup - can't wait to meet some awesome people!

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