Durham In-Store Clinic on Nutrition & Hydration

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Discussion led by Scott Waldrop (ultra runner, RRCA Certified Coach, New Balance Coach, The Herren Project Ambassador Runner).

Also! New announcement - we'll have Doza Hawes of Surmount CrossFit as a guest speaker! Talking about nutrient dense whole foods that build lean muscle (if ultrarunning isn't your thing)

Covering multiple topics specific to NUTRITION & HYDRATION, while sharing stories of personal experience with the intent of keeping us healthy and happy while running. In-depth conversation, visual demonstrations, and Q&A. Drinks, snacks and seating provided. No running, clinic only.

We'll Discuss:

* How changing what I ate changed my life, the mindset that was involved and how I arrived at it all.

* Demonstrations on making delicious green smoothies with Scott's Vitamix (yes I'll make it right there and you can try it right there!)

* Juicing vs. Smoothies?

* How a poor dietary lifestyle can have counter-productive effects on your training in ways you may not have imagined

* leveraging H2O with Electrolytes - why it's key to performance and possibly dangerous

* Demystifying all the white noise around diet fads and the conflicting news about what you should and shouldn't eat as an athlete and human.

* What's up with the Ketogenic diet? What's up with Paleo? What's up with Plant Based? What's up with gluten and organic? We're all going to die, why can't I just eat steak??? Arrrghhh!!! ...I'll help! :)

* Talking about making traditional dishes that taste wonderful and are GOOD for the body

* Why we crave what we crave and breaking the cycle of poor eating habits