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Seek the Stars! Session Two
Welcome to the Space Patrol! Learn more here: [Sinister Voiceover] SPACE DATE[masked]: Hmm, those Delta-dolts somehow managed to NOT space themselves right off the bat. Well, no matter. When the chaos of the Flotilla descends on their crappy little base, they'll get washed out to sea in no time! Muahahahah--what? What do you mean, mixed metaphors? [Sinister Voiceover OUT] Table 1 - "Who's the Best?" FM: Justin H. Players (5 of 5): Tori, Allison, Rebecca, Craig, Patrick - FULL TABLE MISSION BRIEFING: “H-hello Deltas. So, as you know, the, ah, Slyraini Flotilla is going to grace us with their stupendous magnificence. This is something that can make--or break!--a career. Even better, the “Most Talented Being" competition show finale will be broadcast from our humble home this week. Which is really great--I'm really hoping that Ma Jo Wri wins! The only problem is that we have received word that someone wants to sabotage it and hurt the contestants. “Your mission is to, uh, let me see here, ah yes! Infiltrate the competition, find the criminal, and make sure one of the actual contestants wins! “Now, you might ask why we don't just cancel the competition instead of engaging in an elaborate ruse to lure the criminal out. Which is, uh, a really great question. Oh, look at the time! Meeting dismissed.” --XO Many-Gems, 2nd-in-Command of Expeditionary Team Delta Session Expectations: MODERATE Mental, LOW Physical, and HIGH Social Challenge ---- Table 2 - "Rumspringa" FM: Joseph C. Players (3 of 5): Allie, Byerly, Ben MISSION BRIEFING: "Hoo, boy. Yeah, wow. We's are in soooome trouble. That was Team Alpha's Chief Communications Officer on da talky-thing just now. Seems dat wunna them rowdies we picked up at da big fight between da Dockers and dat Bross crew was a, uh, genn-u-inn inner-dye-men...a real alien! From like e-space, 'cept from wunna' dem other levels or somethin'. I dunno, it's all physics to me, and I don't think physics likes me too much cuz I always slept through dat class at da academy. Anyhoo, seems we gots a First Contact situation on our paws! Err, well, we gotta kinda contact dis alien and keep 'em sittin' pretty 'til da specialist from dose Alphadog Team guys can get over here and First Contact 'em for real. Right, well, you's all helped break up dat fight in da first place, so you can go 'n' round 'em up. He's seen you's before, so I bet that'll make 'em less scared. An' we don't want 'em scared, 'cause Team Alpha says they's got some sorta e-space physics thingy dat could blow up da whole star system! "Yeah, I never like physics neither. It's kinda a, uh, mutual thing, me 'n' physics." --Commodore Fetcher, Commanding Officer of Expeditionary Team Delta Session Expectations: LOW Mental, HIGH Physical, and MODERATE Social Challenge ---- Table 3 - "When Freedom Comes A-Ringin" FM: Randy P. Players (5 of 5): Spencer, Sarah, Richard, Jacob, Melissa - FULL TABLE MISSION BRIEFING: "Ah-ahem. Hem. Yes. Hello, Deltas. I hope you are all operating efficiently today. Ahem. Yes. So, word has come down--literally--from the Dockworker's Union No. 74 up on Level 4 about a, um, job for us to do. Well, really more of a required mission of utmost importance. And by us, I mean you! "It seems like someone is sabotaging the Union somehow and causing them a lot of guff. They claim it must be a terrorist, but, erm, that seems really scary, so I hope not. In any case, the parties responsible keep leaving a message: 'Justice will prevail and movement will be free when Freedom Comes A-Ringin'!' "Look, with the Glorious and Resplendent Slyraini Flotilla in the system this week, we just can't afford any screw-up's. Go talk to Union Vice President Ankur of Introspective Repose and get this cleared up! Dismissed!" --XO Many-Gems, 2nd-in-Command of Expeditionary Team Delta Session Expectations: MODERATE Mental, MODERATE Physical, and HIGH Social Challenge

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Raleigh Tabletop RPGs Meetup connects people who enjoy playing roleplaying games (RPGs) such as GURPS, Call of Cthulhu, Shadowrun, World of Darkness, Amber, Traveller, Rifts, D&D, Star Wars RPG and others. It's roleplaying for the rest of us!

RTR was created to facilitate meetups so game masters and players can talk shop, and recruit or find games in the Raleigh/Triangle area. If you want to know more details about Raleigh Tabletop RPG Meetup, go to Pages ( menu.

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Enjoy exploring, and I encourage you to come to an RTR meetup and enhance your RPG experience! Also, please don't be hesitant about joining - we welcome all gamers to RTR.

FEATURED Semi-Organized Play (SOP)!! ************************

Twice-monthly games give players a chance try various systems in 3-month 'seasons', before rotating to something different.

Corsair Stir-Fry SOP - System: Exalted RPG

The world needs heroes. It always has, and it always will. Sometimes mortal heroes rise from the ranks of humanity, beating back the petty evils of selfishness and greed. But sometimes mortal heroes are not enough. That’s when the Exalted rise.

You can find out more at out our campaign's Obsidian Portal page at: (

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1st Friday of Every month (7pm ~ 9pm)

RTR Casual Meetup at Deja Brew Coffee House (

A casual meetup for Raleigh Tabletop RPGs. Just bring yourself and enjoy conversation with like-minded gamers. Also bring any ideas for future meetings.

A Sunday of the Month (6pm - 8pm)

RTR Sunday Dinner at TBD

This is a dinner for Raleigh Tabletop RPGs. Just bring yourself and enjoy conversation with like-minded gamers!

Every Wednesday (6:30pm - 8:30pm)

5th Edition D & D Encounters at The Gamer's Armory (New Location) (

Please join us on Wednesday Nights for 5th Edition D & D Encounters!!

All adventures will be played using the latest rules for D&D, 5 Edition. Players will adventure through a short campaign.


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