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Hentopia Alternative DIY Chicken Coop and Hen Habitat Design/Build Class $35
Create Your Own Alternative, DIY Hentopia Coop and Hen Habitat Cost: $35 per person Use Paypal button at to reserve your spot. (Through Paypal you can pay with an online bank account, credit or debit card.) Want to have chickens and still go on vacation for two weeks without worrying? Want a system that lets you spend more time cooking eggs than you spend on chicken chores? My Hentopia Coop and Hen Habitat have made our chicken keeping that easy for six years. You can have that kind of set up in your yard too, by taking my DIY Hentopia Coop and Hen Habitat Design/Build classes (more than 100 happy hen keepers have attended). Even if you already have a coop, or are buying a pre-fab coop, you'll benefit from the time-saving ideas regarding feeding, watering, cleaning, defending and maintaining a coop and hen habitat! Not sure whether to sign up? Check out these reviews...and then sign up! :-) Chicken coop design workshop Emily-Kate Hannapel from 27701 - 03/25/[masked]:36:48 Just went to Frank's chicken coop design/build workshop on Saturday. It was incredible! I feel fully ready and prepared (and excited!) to build my coop. Frank is a great teacher and speaker and it was a joy to learn from him. I would highly recommend him. Did the trick R?M Thorn from chapel Hill, NC - 01/28/[masked]:49:52 After discussing whether or not we would pursue raising chickens, frank's workshop closed the discussion. Mike decided that even though he"hated the chickens on his grandmother's farm as a child," that he had revised his opinion and was now ready to take the time to get a coop and start in. Frank brought a totally different perspective to how to raise chickens and make it fun Frank says: My wife is certain that we spend less time doing our easy chicken chores than we spend cooking our chickens’ eggs. Other coop designers can’t say that—and I’ve seen hundreds of coop set-ups from all over the country. Learn how to manage the feed, water, poop, eggs and other hen issues in a way that allows you to safely take two-week vacations like we do. Your birds and their hen habitat will happily and safely operate on autopilot while you’re away. I’m a carpenter, designer and I write the “Coop Builder” column for Chickens magazine. Check my audience reviews from my workshops: $35 per person, by Paypal button at,, go to the Hentopia page, in advance to reserve a spot, rain or shine (gardeners don’t melt in the rain!). Spots go quickly and have sold out for all of the previous classes. Option #1: For an additional $10 cash--and with advance notice to me--you can bring a 5-gallon bucket and we'll make an “artisanal” chicken waterer that rarely needs refilling [we’ve refilled our waterer maybe twice a year]. I'll provide guidance and additional parts. Option #2: Also for an additional $10 cash--and with advance notice to me--you can bring a 5-gallon bucket with lid and we'll make an “artisanal” chicken feeder that rarely needs refilling, is weather proof and rodent-proof. I'll provide guidance and additional parts. Important: After paying on Paypal at, send RSVP's, your chosen date, whether you want to make a waterer and/or feeder and questions to [masked]. Thanks! Look forward to seeing some of you there. :-)

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    The Raleigh Durham Backyard Poultry Meetup Group is for people who have small backyard flocks of chickens for pets, eggs, and meat. You just might be suprised at how many people living in your neighborhood have pet chickens! There is nothing quite like walking outside in the morning to gather fresh organic eggs for your breakfast! We welcome everyone that has a small backyard flock of chickens, and those that are interested in getting started raising a small backyard flock of chickens. We get together once a month at our "Let's Talk Chicken Over Chicken" meetings. We are "eggcited" you have visited with us today, and hope you will consider joining our group!

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