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Greetings and salutations! Welcome Raleigh Fun Activities HQ for both Capital RunWalk and Raleigh Running Outfitters. Together, we'll be hosting exciting fun runs at our 3 locations and having some fun along the way.

CapRun hosts runs every Tuesday night.

Raleigh Running - North Raleigh hosts a Sunday bRUNch on the 1st and last Sunday of each month.

Raleigh Running - Cary is working on a starting a weekly fun run, but for now stay tuned to this page for their themed runs they will host on certain days.

Come run with us!

Most of us spend so much time in the gym or preparing meals, that we don't have time to meet anyone. Let's start a group to enjoy some free time together, not just to workout but to hang out and have fun. Let's get together for coffee, a hike, share ideas about competing, or movies or games or festivals or dancing. I don't mind watching movies or playing board games or sitting down talking and eating and having something to drink but I enjoy physical activities and looking for members who afraid to break some sweat.


This group is judgement and cliquey free and for members that are serious about attending events to meet the members of the group. We must have complete trust in one another and be willing to accept everyone. I'm looking for men and women who are willing to help make this group successful because I can't do it alone. The goal is to be able to be friends outside of meetup as well.

Let's remember to be respectful to one another especially when we RSVP for a event. I doubt that anyone likes to wait for members who are not going to show up so please be mindful and change your RSVP or contact the host if there's a number you can reach them. I'm allowing everyone to host events based on their interest so everyone will get to be a organizer. Three no shows will get a member removed unless the host finds the excuse acceptable. Stuff like car breaking down emergencies where you can't contact the host etc will be acceptable. Please make sure let the host know early in advance if you change your RSVP. Trying to wait 30 minutes or less before the event starts or after the event starts will be considered a no show unless an emergency comes up. The host events would more likely be at the destination waiting for you by then. If you can't find the group contact the host regardless on how big or small the event is. Sometimes the host just wants you to stop by to say hi. We wouldn't stand up a real life friend date boss or doctor so let's treat the meetup host the same way. And make sure to pay attention to the details of the event so you can know what's going on and how to find everyone. After 6 months of not attending any events since you signed up you will be removed and be allowed to return when you can commit to attending the events. There's no point of being part of a Meetup group if you're not going to attend any events. The idea is to meet people that's why it's called Meetup and I'm allowing everyone to host events based on their interest. That also includes merging with another Meetup event. Any report of members being mean or not being accepting will lead to a permanent dismissal of the group. Feel free to report to me immediately if a host or a member been disrespectful or don't make you feel accepted and I will see to it that something gets done about it. Make sure to save my number.

People are welcome to contact me anytime to say hello or to ask me questions about events or concerns and can find me on facebook under Anthony Earl Williams


I just started a membership with Fitness Connection. Contact me anytime you want to workout....that includes running and swimming. Even when it's not scheduled as a Meetup event.

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