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Hello Step-mamas! My name is Julia and I just moved to Ramona with my new husband and new stepson. I thought it would be wonderful to create a group of stepmoms (new to the game or veterans) to support each other as we navigate the unpredictable world of being a part of a family that was essentially created without us. There are some really wonderful moments as really tough ones, and I think it would be great if we had a group of people who are sharing this same experience. There would be no judgement because we are all human beings trying to do what is best for ourselves as well as our newly created family.

Anyone who would like support or who feels they could offer support should join. You can be a stepmom with your own bio kids, no bio kids or maybe even a bio kid on the way! Bottomline, if you are stepmom, you should join us.

At our events, we will get together for fun activities such as a hike or a walk through the neighborhood. Have get togethers, game nights or go for a meal outside. Our goal will be to get to know each other and create a special bond with the commonality of being a stepmom navigating the waters of this crazy world!

We can come with a specific issue we would like some support in dealing with or a resource that we are finding is currently very helpful (a book, article, strategy, etc). Or we might just come to hang out and enjoy each other's company. There are no real restrictions on what we want to do :)

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Our First Event! Packards Coffee Shop

Packards Coffee Shop

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