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SuperMeetup: Hipsters, Hackers, and Hustlers - Sept 2014

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Chris J.


It has been said that to build a great technology-based business, you need three types: the Hacker (coder), the Hustler, (entrepreneur) and the Hipster, (designer). The SuperMeetup is about:

· Celebrating the rapid growth of Winnipeg’s innovation groups

· Connecting the points between entrepreneur, coder and designer

· Fostering partnerships that lead to great things

Participating Meetup Groups: Ramp Up Manitoba, Ruby, Agile, .NET, WinnipegPHP, Android, Winnipeg.js, WIDA, (IxDA) Winnipeg, Secret Handshake, Winnipeg Idea & Invention Prototyping (AssentWorks)


Amir Barylko, Sr. Solution Architect at MavenThought Inc.

Introduced by Dan Bernadic, Web Developer, Coder Community Organizer

Mike Legary, Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer, Securris

Introduced by Chris Johnson, CEO of PermissionClick, Ramp Up Manitoba Founder

Kevin Guenther, Partner and Creative Director at Vine Marketing and Design

Introduced by Adelle Rempel, User Experience Designer at Imanginet, Lead Organizer of Secret Handshake

Special Guest:

Boris Mann, Managing Partner at Full Stack, a 'napkin-capital' angel investment firm that works with and funds early-stage technology businesses based in Vancouver, BC.

//The talks will be of interest to everyone in the room with a focus on connection points between design, entrepreneurship and coding.

To be followed by Startup Drinks at the Kingshead Pub! Raise a glass with fellow Winnipeggers and build great friendships.

160 Princess Street · Winnipeg, MB