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Deploying Kubernetes looking to learn best practices and share stories with the community.

We host talks from anyone doing cool things with Kubernetes, including companies using K8S in production or vendors who are pushing the boundaries of what K8 can do. Presentations are demo focused and not sales pitches.

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Upcoming events (5+)

Kubernetes Master Class: Single-Node, Standalone Servers & Storage

Online Meet Up RSVP for the Link https://info.rancher.com/single-node-standalone-servers-scalable-secure-storage In this session, Rancher Senior Solutions Architect Adrian Goins will: Bring up a single-node Rancher Server that you can later scale to HA Import a Kubernetes cluster running in DigitalOcean Deploy Rook for fault-tolerant, replicated persistent storage Launch a stateful service such as Rook on OpenEBS Details: Date: Tuesday, April 23, 2019 Time: 1:00pm (US Eastern Time)

Intro to Kubernetes and Rancher Online Training

Webex Online Meeting

Online Live- RSVP https://info.rancher.com/rancher-kubernetes-online-training-2019-04-25 Key skills we will demonstrate include: Essential Kubernetes Concepts The key components of a Kubernetes deployment Deploying and scaling a containerized application with Kubernetes, Helm, and Rancher Deploying Rancher Configuring Access Control Connecting Registries Networking, Load Balancing and Service Discovery Alerts, logging, and resource management Basics of Kubernetes storage Using the Rancher CLI and API

Kubernetes Master Class: Load Balancing with Kubernetes: concepts implementation

Live Online Training https://info.rancher.com/load-balancing-kubernetes-concepts-use-cases Join Rancher Principal Software Engineer Alena Prokharchyk as she discusses and demos: Difference between Kubernetes Load Balancer Service and Ingress Kubernetes ingress capabilities An overview of various deployment models for ingress controllers Best practices for Load Balancer integration with external DNS How Rancher makes Kubernetes Ingress and Load Balancer configuration experience easier for an end-user

Learn to Deploy Containers and Kubernetes in Production - In Philadelphia

Rancher Rodeos are free, in-depth workshops designed to give DevOps and IT teams the hands-on skills they need to deploy and manage Kubernetes everywhere. The content will be delivered by Rancher's technical experts and aim to educate anyone interested in learning how to use containers or Kubernetes. RSVP - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/rancher-rodeo-philadelphia-tickets-58282814467 Agenda is here https://www.eventbrite.com/e/rancher-rodeo-philadelphia-tickets-58282814467

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