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Hello! I bet you get a sense of satisfaction getting outside of oneself once in a while and doing any Act Of Kindness for another don't yah! Well join me in doing different Acts Of Kindness!

Hi My name is Rachel. I recently moved to CT. I like giving back to the community, helping out and or volunteering time to worthy causes. The objective of this meetup is to have a common group where those with the same interests can come together to give back. I believe I and others have been blessed in different ways, even in those times we had challenges and perhaps didn't see them as blessings at the time. Giving of any kind to others also not only brings joy to oneself, but to others around us that we touch in even the smallest of ways.

I would like the format of this group to be that it is for all us, and therefore should you know of any volunteer opportunities in and around your community please feel free to suggest it. Should you even be able to host it you are more than welcome! The organizer won't be the only one hosting events, members that would like to and or have any events they know of are very encouraged to be participants in hosting these events. I warmly welcome all suggestions.

Join me!

'The only gift is a portion of thyself' ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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