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Are you tired of all the Marvel and Star Wars hype? Wish there was more sci-fi cinema with gore and adult appeal that doesn't fail at quality? Then this group is for you. Grindhouse may be dead, but the influence rears its beautiful, ugly head from time to time. :)

In this group, the focus is on catching characteristically unique R rated movies to watch, along with discussion on past and present said flicks. Whether it's got assassins, outer space backdrops, cowboys, vampires, witch hunters, aliens; added with a dash of the ye good ol' rating, chances are it's a movie we'll want to watch. The most successful movies as of 2019 are still in the PG-13 demographic, though arguably, thanks to Deadpool, that's starting to change. It is high time for the 18th letter of the alphabet to get a whole new meaning in Hollywood. Soccer moms beware.

For all intents and purposes, drama movies will NOT be points of meetups, as it's a given these type of R-branded films are majorly considered art and Oscar contenders. Action! Guns! Heavy character development! Wiccans! You get the idea. :)


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